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3 Moving Tips For Lazy People

Moving Tips For Lazy People

Is being lazy a bad thing? We don’t think so! And we’re not alone in that opinion. Studies show that idle people actually feel less burned out, are generally more focused on long-term goals (like moving for a new job), and experience more sparks of creativity than productive people. Still, there’s a trick to useful laziness.

To gain the full benefits of laziness, you must offset the idle hours by being productive at other tasks. In other words, pick your battles carefully — know when to work hard and when to slack off. A perfect example of this dilemma happens when you’re moving. It’s no question that moving can be laborious, but our Gainesville Movers can make life easier for our clients (the lazy ones included). So, whether you need help with organizing, packing, or the whole kit and caboodle, count on us to see you through your next move.

To help get you started, here are our three best moving tips for lazy people.

1. Leave DIY Moves To The Movies

Moving can make for compelling theater. For example, a looming relocation is a central plotline in feature films such as Toy Story. Scenes of homeowners packing boxes are often used to add context (and a hint of drama) to reality shows about renovations and home buying. But, while do-it-yourself moves appear intriguing on camera, in reality, they’re a lot of work and not really a viable option for people who have other obligations. 

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t undertake a DIY move if you prefer to do so, only that you shouldn’t feel obligated to do all of the work. After all, hiring a moving company isn’t a splurge or a cop-out; it’s an investment in your personal welfare, a way to avoid undue stress and strain on your body and mind. The movers will pack your belongings, load the boxes and furniture onto a moving truck, and unpack everything at your new house or apartment. Your sole responsibilities are to hire movers far enough in advance (ideally three months) to schedule moving services and to keep the work area clear of pets and children on moving day.

2. Find A Downsizing Expert In Your Area

Everyone can benefit from having a very organized person in their life. If you can’t think of any superbly organized friends or family, then turn to examples on television or professional organizing services. A quickly rising star, Marie Kondo has taken over the internet on account of her successful books and Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. In the show, Marie enters people’s homes and teaches them how to downsize, which involves decluttering (eliminating unnecessary items) and then organizing what’s left. 

The downsizing experience is transformational for many people — like a breath of fresh air, it breathes new life into stuffy homes and reinvigorates the people living there. Sometimes, moving away seems like it’s the only solution to stop feeling unhappy at home. However, a little organizing and downsizing can make a gloomy place feel alive and inviting. Not to mention, well-organized homes help with efficiency and productivity, two enemies of laziness.

3. Have Unwanted Items Picked Up

While the clothes, furniture, and household items that you set aside while packing are no longer valuable to you, they still might have value to someone else. Selling the items individually through a website or app would be the most lucrative approach, but it’s also the most time-consuming.  

If you’re willing to do a bit of physical labor, you could load the items into your car and visit a pawn shop or flea market to find out what’s sellable. Anything leftover can be driven to a donation drop at a charity. But, if you’re genuinely looking to do the least amount of work possible, your best option is to call charities that offer donation pick up services. The fact that your secondhand items will be appreciated by those in need should alleviate any guilty feelings over being lazy. 

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