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Is It Time To Move-In Together? Tips For Couples

Many couples find that moving into a home together isn't just romantic but also a mutually convenient arrangement, such as by allowing the couple to share more personal time as well as divvy up the responsibility of household duties. But more than relocating each person’s belongings to the same house or apartment, the process of moving-in together involves many steps that require diligent planning. Before making the decision to live with your significant other, it’s worthwhile to take the time to understand all the circumstances involved. Then, if the decision to live together as a couple makes sense, formulate a plan to ensure the arrangement is a success for both parties.

Logistical Tips For Couples Moving In Together

For a couple moving-in together for the first time, there are logistical decisions that should be made prior to initiating the move.


The first decision a couple should make concerns where to live. Sometimes, one person in a relationship decides to move into the other person’s existing home. Other times, a couple finds a new home resulting in the need for separate moving services. Moving company services, though efficient, should be scheduled in advance, while do-it-yourself moves can take more time and effort to complete. Therefore, before making a decision about housing, including whether one person should move-in with the other or both people should move into a new home, couples should first contemplate whether their timeline for moving-in together allows for one or two moving jobs.


Once the decision about housing and arrangements for movers in Gainesville are made, the next decision to make concerns your belongings, and, specifically, whether it makes sense for each person to keep everything or to downsize. Ultimately, decisions about personal items involve both emotional and practical considerations, as levels of personal attachment to items and whether the amount of shared items fits in the home are both worthwhile considerations. But it’s also important to avoid rash decisions about personal property. Sometimes the solution to consolidating items is for a couple to rent a storage unit during the move and then readdress the topic of downsizing at a later date, when the circumstances are more definite.

Considerations For Cohabitation

Although they are romantically attached, couples are also roommates, and therefore the topic of the division of labor for household duties is central to a successful living arrangement.


People who are dating can have wildly different expectations for cleanliness. And even though contrasting standards of orderliness aren’t a big issue for couples who live apart, once united under the same roof, disagreements over the conditions of a household can be severe. Therefore, it’s best for a couple to candidly discuss each other’s expectations for cleanliness and preferences for chores before moving-in together.


Another topic of conversation for a couple should be household expenses, such as a mortgage or rent, utilities, Internet and TV services, and groceries. Money complications can prove disastrous for a relationship. Therefore, drafting a budget of monthly expenses and delineating financial responsibilities is advisable for a couple interested in living together. At the same time, there should be financial planning for the future, including saving for a wedding or a contingency plan in case of a break up; but until the long-term status of the relationship is certain, a couple should avoid sharing bank accounts and the cost of assets while living together.

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