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Packing a Home Entertainment Center

When it comes to moving, packing the TV, gaming console, and the other devices in your home entertainment center can present a challenge. The first question is how to protect these fragile electronics during transport. Next is how to stay organized while packing, considering most devices have cords, remotes, and other auxiliary components to account for. But with tips from a trusted moving company in Gainesville, FL, you can pack your home entertainment center so it arrives intact at your new home.

Steps to Take Before Packing

Take a few steps before you start packing to ensure the process is organized. Doing these steps now saves time and prevents frustration later when you’ll unpack and reconnect the home entertainment center.

Loaned Devices

For cable, internet, and other services that you’re transferring to the new house, contact the service provider before packing the devices you were loaned. Your TiVo box, satellite dish, or router and modem may need to be returned to the provider, particularly when you’re cancelling the service.


From video games to DVDs, discs are important to home entertainment. Prevent scratches to your discs by using protective cases, and keep things organized by putting each disc in its matching case. Remember to remove discs from players to avoid the discs getting stuck inside.

Battery-Powered Devices

Shut down battery-powered devices before packing them to prevent drained batteries. Devices that run on electricity as well as auxiliary power, such as laptops, should also be powered down; being left on for extended periods of time can cause certain devices to overheat and become damaged.

Auxiliary Components

Auxiliary components, such as power cords and remotes, are essential to a functioning home entertainment center. Keep track of cords and remotes by creating labels that identify which components go with which devices. Store components together in a small, labeled box. For attached cords, bundle and tape the cord to the back of the device for safekeeping.

Reference Materials

Before unplugging your entertainment devices, take photos of how the cords and wires connect as a reference to show you how to reconnect the devices later. It’s also a good idea to gather manuals for devices and put them in a reference folder.

Packing Tips from Gainesville Movers

Once the devices are organized, it’s time to purchase moving boxes from a local Gainesville moving company and start packing your home entertainment center.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can prevent cosmetic damage to a device if another item rubs against it during transport. For the best results, wrap each device individually, even when devices are sharing a box. An affordable substitute for bubble wrap is towels or old clothes, but make sure these materials are clean because dirt or moisture can damage electronics.

Heaviest on Bottom

When packing multiple devices in a box, put heavier electronics toward the bottom to prevent them from crushing lighter devices. For example, a heavy gaming console should go under a lighter DVD player, which should go under an even lighter Roku device. Electronics of similar dimensions can be packed side-by-side to limit the chances of one device crushing another.


Use crumpled moving paper, clean towels, or packing peanuts to add a layer of cushioning at the bottom of boxes and in between devices in the same box. The objective of using cushioning is to prevent devices from shifting during transport and being damaged.

Label Boxes

As you pack, label boxes with by the room the contents are from to tell your Gainesville movers where to unload the box at the new house. This will make unpacking easier because the boxes with your entertainment devices will already be in the proper place in the home. As an added precaution, add the label “fragile” to boxes with electronics so movers know to be extra careful during loading and unloading.

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