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The Difference Between Moving Insurance & Movers Valuation

Understanding Moving Insurance & Movers Valuation

Insurance is meant to put your mind at ease during the moving process. However, customers commonly confuse moving insurance with movers valuation and therefore, may not receive the compensation they think they will if items are damaged during the moving process. Before you choose between local moving companies, make sure that you know the difference between the two and which will work best for your family.

Gainesville Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is referred to as Full Value Protection and it guarantees that your moving company will pay you for any damaged or lost items after your move. The amount of coverage will be dependent on your contract. It can be determined according to the weight of each object or by the cost of the item, which is known as the Lump Sum Value. In order to get moving insurance, you will need to do purchase it through a third party company. Often moving companies will have insurance companies they typically work with but you cannot purchase it directly from your movers. Keep in mind that the price for your moving insurance may increase if your moving company does not have a good record. Once you purchase insurance, be sure to take pictures of all of your valuable possessions so you are prepared if you have to make a claim. Depending on your contract, you will have up to nine months following your move to file any necessary insurance claims.

Movers Valuation

Movers valuation is different from moving insurance in that it is regulated by the federal government through the Department of Transportation. This basic form of coverage comes at no extra cost. Because it is the only type of coverage offered by moving companies, customers often mistake movers valuation for moving insurance. However. unlike Full Value Protection, Liability Protection will compensate customers anywhere from 30 cents to 60 cents per pound for each damaged item. It is also different from third party insurance because it only covers damage that is directly caused by your Gainesville movers. They are not liable for natural disasters or fire, which are covered if you purchase insurance.

Superior Moving Companies in Gainesville, FL

It is important to find a moving company Gainesville, FL, residents trust. Movers with a good reputation will reassure you that your belongings are in good hands and allow you to get moving insurance at lower rates. Our workers will transport your possessions efficiently and safely to make your moving process a breeze.

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