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Storage in Gainesville

Storage in Gainesville

Moving can be a stressful time which is why UF Mover Guys does everything it can to lessen your burden and make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. One way we do that is by offering climate-controlled storage. Need to store boxes before the move? We’ve got you covered. Maybe it’s an antique book shelf or your great grandmother’s jewelry box that you want to keep away from the humidity — UF Mover Guys is here for all of your storage needs.

Climate-Controlled Storage

While not all Gainesville movers provide their customers with climate-controlled storage, UF Mover Guys does because we understand just how important your belongings are to you. While most items can often be transported without air conditioning, we understand that items such as antique furniture and collectibles often need special attention.

Whatever it is that you need special accommodations for, just let us know!

Storage Options in Gainesville

Gainesville movers know all about Florida’s heat. Don’t risk allowing your belongings to become ruined in an old storage unit! Let UF Mover Guys keep your items in air conditioned comfort! The heat and humidity in Florida are notorious for ruining a variety of items from chipping a vehicle’s paint job to bleaching clothing. While we can’t do anything about your car’s paint job, we can ensure that clothing, photographs, wooden furniture, curios and electronics won’t be another victim to the heat. Let us store your items in air-conditioned storage!

Mold is a big problem for people in Florida. In fact, it gets worse if your furniture goes from the regularly cool comfort of your home to a sweltering heat-filled storage unit. Because of this, it might be worth the small investment to keep your furniture in a climate-controlled container, especially if you plan to keep it there long term.

UF Mover Guys in Gainesville, FL

When searching for Gainesville movers, but there's only one one company that cares about you and the safety of your belongings wholeheartedly, and that’s UF Mover Guys. Contact us for all your moving needs, whether it be packing, loading / unloading, storage or moving.

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