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Student Moving Services

Student Moving Services

In this area, students are most likely to need Gainesville moving services. Between the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, nearly 75,000 students attend classes every academic year. As their lives change, many students move at least once during their time in college. The team with UF Mover Guys understands many times these changes come with a strict budget. This is why we specialize in low cost yet comprehensive solutions for any size and type of move. No matter which moving service for students we offer, you’re guaranteed a first-rate moving experience. Contact UF Mover Guys today for a free quote!

Santa Fe Students

Coming or going, there’s a lot for college students to take care of — and that’s before moving to Santa Fe College! Working with UF Mover Guys is a great way to make a seamless transition into a new home. Backed by on-going professional training and a customer-first attitude, you’ll be able to settle into a new college routine rather than worrying about damaged belongings and unpacking. If it turns out you packed more than your living quarters can hold, don’t worry — we offer climate-controlled storage for these situations.

UF Students

Whether you’re an undergrad or grad student, UF Mover Guys can help any student settle into their new digs on or off campus. We understand how difficult it can be to move on a budget but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing a personal belonging or two along the way. Our team takes the time to listen to what you need and creates a moving plan based on those needs and your budget. First floor or sixth, count on us to change your perception of moving to University of Florida.

4 Moving Tips For College Students

1. Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

This is possibly the one piece of advice that’s repeated over and over for good reason. There might be 24 hours in each day, but utility companies, Internet providers, and other businesses you’ll need to contact during a move generally have set hours. Make a list to schedule turn-ons and turn-offs each day but stagger the scheduling so you’re not overwhelmed.

2. Confirm Move-In & Move-Out Times

Confirm move-in and move-out times more than once to avoid unnecessary headaches and delays. Most apartments charge fees if you’re not moved out by the predetermined time. Arrive on time and have all the necessary documents ready to turn in to the office.

3. Label, Organize & Pack Belongings

While organizing belongings, make a master list of what items are going in which box. This is a great backup even if each box is clearly labeled. Unless you’ve hired a moving company to pack and move your stuff, make sure all belongings and items are packed and ready to go when our team arrives on moving day. If a box has any fragile items, write this on all sides of the box. You — and your Gainesville movers — will appreciate this foresight later.

4. Take Photos Of Electronics Before Packing

Avoid the trial and error of setting up electronics again by taking a photo of the plug-ins and wires before disconnecting. You’ll know which cords go to what and how to plug them in quickly after a successful move.

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