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Commercial Moving Services

Commercial Moving Services

It’s easy to think of moving a business or office the same as moving a home but on a larger scale. But it’s equally easy to overlook the complexity of making sure employees, equipment, and products quickly arrive at the new location.

Transportation and storage go hand-in-hand when you work with a commercial moving company such as UF Mover Guys. Large or small, our team leans on its years of experience and works to reduce downtime for these specialized moving situations. We’re ready to dispel the myths behind a commercial move and can tailor our full range of services to the needs of any company. Call us today for a free estimate!


Types Of Commercial Moving Services

No matter which of our commercial moving services you need, every job begins with a pre-planning meeting. We explain the  organization system, including the labeling and cataloging of equipment and items. We’ll also discuss what responsibilities you have, such as labeling personal boxes and disconnecting electronics and equipment.

Industrial & Warehouse

Modern warehouses use and house a multitude of items, many of which require the use of heavy machinery to lift and move. Moving a business of this scale can seem daunting but UF Mover Guys removes the hassles and provides a seamless experience throughout. The fleet of moving trucks we use are specially designed to transport heavy machinery and all items in the building. Before the move begins, our commercial movers receive a full briefing on any special requirements and review the best practices and safety techniques needed for the job.


Moving a business has two parts — moving the physical business itself and employee relocation. Both parts need communication and coordination from beginning to end for a successful move. UF Mover Guys designs and executes a custom moving plan and accounts for every facet. This includes proprietary and sensitive information, such as customer data and records.

You can count on us to assure both locations — current and new — are protected during the moving process. We’ll pad door jambs and furniture and cover the flooring with sheets to prevent dents and scratches. Then, throughout the move, our focus is on helping the business get back to work as quickly as possible. This includes helping you and employees set up equipment and clean up the area before leaving.


We understand moving an office of any size takes precision and a comprehensive plan. Our team of commercial movers works with you and the stated timeline to make sure all equipment, items, and products are safely packed and transferred to the new location. Because today’s offices rely on a host of electronics and technology to operate, we strive to safeguard these items until they’re set up again. This also includes helping to disassemble and assemble related computer networks and furniture. If needed, UF Mover Guys offers climate-controlled storage units to store items before or after the move.

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