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How to Pack & Protect Christmas Decorations

Helpful Advice for Packing Christmas Decorations

The holidays involve many traditions and a huge one is decorating your home. It becomes an event that families look forward to when you put on some holiday music, drink some hot chocolate and decorate. However, taking it all down is another story. Removing the decorations is almost like confirming that the holidays are really over, but it must be done. There are several packing tips that you can take advantage of to prepare for your UF movers and make next year's job easier.

Christmas Tree

If you have an artificial tree that you put up each year, you know that it can be quite the task to organize each branch with its corresponding levels. Typically each branch has a color which tells you which layer it goes on, however the paint can wear off eventually. Use colored duct tape on the end for a more permanent solution. To conserve space when packing up branches, use old belts to tightly secure them.

When packing ornaments, try to keep the original boxes because they will protect them best. If you have lost them, use egg cartons or apple containers to hold your ornaments. Collect the used wrapping paper from your gifts and wrap each individual ornament up before placing them in the cartons. This method is both useful and environmentally friendly.

Ceramic Villages

If you have a light-up ceramic village, the last thing you want to find is that they broke in your Gainesville moving truck. Begin by acquiring large tubs. Pack buildings in their original containers and then place them at the bottom of the bin. On top of them place any landscape, snow, lighting, people or other figurines. This way, the heavy items are on the bottom and you will be able to set up your village as you unpack it.


Nobody wants the task of untangling endless strands of Christmas lights, even if you are listening to holiday music. Prevent this from happening by wrapping your strings of lights carefully around pieces of cardboard. Before you put them away, use masking tape and a marker to label each strand with its length or the location it was used. When you pull the lights out next year, you will not have to unwrap each strand to figure out where to put them.

Store Christmas Décor Efficiently

Most likely, by the time you call a Gainesville moving company your Christmas decorations will have been packed away for months. However, did you pack them well so that they will be easily opened next holiday season? Utilize some of these tips and label boxes with their contents so you can efficiently open them later.

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