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How to Speed Up the Process of Moving Out

Moving Out Efficiently

Packing your belongings for a move can easily take weeks. No one wants to spend a minute longer packing than they have to. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of several of these tips in order to make it as efficient as possible. After all, the sooner you finish, the sooner you will be able to destress and let the Gainesville movers take over.

Start Early

If you are able to begin in advance, do it. Begin by sorting through your belongings and donating, selling or disposing of items that you no longer want or need. There is no reason you should spend time and energy moving items that have no real use and are just taking up space. You can also start packing items that you no you will not need until you move. This includes items such as out of season clothing or your bookshelf.  

Be Smart

Though you may try to speed through the Gainesville moving process, you need to make sure that you are detail oriented. Otherwise, you may be making your life a bit more difficult. Pack items efficiently in each box or plastic bin efficiently so that there is no empty spaces. If you allow for space, your items will be more vulnerable to getting damaged, you will need more moving boxes and you will need more space in the truck. Additionally, use any fabric items to protect breakables when possible. For example, scarves, shirts and socks are perfect for keeping various glass items safe. Then you will not need to pack these same items in other boxes.

Ask Friends for Help

The more people that are working at a time, the more gets done. If you have friends that are responsible and would be willing to help you, do not hesitate to ask them. Just make sure that you have clear assignments for each of them so they are not just taking up space. Put on some music and order pizza to keep the morale up. You may even create fun memories during a traditionally boring time.

Plan Enough Time to Clean

It happens to the best of us; your busy work schedule causes you to finish packing boxes until the last minute. But what about cleaning? Houses and apartments often require much more cleaning than you think. Therefore, it is best to set aside one or two days that are for cleaning. On your actual moving day, you should not have any last minute additions to boxes or rooms you need to vaccuum. Make sure that you finish packing and cleaning with enough time so you can perform a walk through the night before to look for any details you may have missed.

Expedite the Moving Process in Gainesville, FL

There are plenty of tricks you can use to make your move as efficient as possible. One of the most important is to stay focused. Do not let yourself get distracted by looking through old photos or constantly switch rooms. Choose a task and continue doing it until you finish. If the idea of packing is still unappealing, hire a Gainesville moving company who can pack and move all of your belongings for you.

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