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Ways to Meet New People After You Move

Making Friends After a Move

It can take a while to adjust to a new place after you move. Whether you are relocating to a new city, state or country, it can take a while to get create a new routine and make friends. Making new friends is not easy and it can be difficult to find people who are interested in investing their time and energy into a friendship with you. Here are a couple ideas for how to find friends after your big Gainesville moving process.

Initiate Conversation

Take advantage of the people around you. You will see your neighbors frequently when you are leaving or entering your house or apartment. When you pass them in the hallway or see them working on their lawn, make a habit of saying hello and smiling. This simple step can easily turn into a conversation and will communicate to them that you are open and friendly. If there are any sort of gatherings such as a block party or a get together at your apartment building, make sure you attend. You never know who you will meet!

Befriend Coworkers

The people you work with are some of the first people you meet and you will spend time with them everyday. Do not exclusively look for friends when you are off the clock. Ask a few of them if they would enjoy going to happy hour or going out for lunch. Not only can you look for friends, but you will create a sense of community within your office that will make the work day go by much quicker.

Find Regular Spots

Spend time looking for cute, local coffee shops and restaurants that have a lot of regulars. This will function in two ways. The first is that this will give you a reason to get out of your house or apartment and experiencing the atmosphere. The second is that you will soon recognize plenty of familiar faces of people who frequent the same place. This will allow you to strike up conversation with them and create opportunities for friendship.

Join a Club or Organization

One of the most helpful steps you can take is to join an organization. Perhaps you can join the local flag football league, book club or trivia night. A club will surround you with people who have similar interests and facilitate conversation about what you have in common. The same is true for volunteering. You can feel better knowing you are contributing to society while providing a forum for meeting people.

Network Before Moving

Before your UF movers even arrive to load the truck, ask your friends if they know anyone in the area you are moving. Most likely, there is someone who has a connection there. The majority of people enjoy helping other people get connected so they will be willing to set up a time for you to meet their friend.

Develop Lasting Friendships

The key to making friends is to continually initiate, because you never know who might be looking for friends as well. If someone does invite you for a round of golf or a karaoke night, never turn them down if you are free, even if you do not enjoy the activity. If you turn them down, they may be less likely to initiate with you next time. You should also begin searching immediately. After your Gainesville moving company has finished helping you, try to meet people as soon as possible because it may take time to develop friendships.

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