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4 Tips For Moving A Short Distance

4 Tips For Moving A Short Distance

For those transitioning into a new home, packing for the short-haul might seem like the best-case scenario. After all, moving just a few blocks down the road means less time and money is required to transport heavy furniture, piles of clothing, and any other belongings than with a long-distance relocation. While short-distance moving has a number of benefits over long-distance moving, relocations of any distance require proper planning. To successfully move a short distance, plan ahead. Learn how to easily prepare for a nearby move with these four helpful tips from Gainesville movers at UF Mover Guys.

Reconsider Moving On Your Own

Because the new apartment or home is only a quick drive away, residents might be tempted to take it upon themselves to pack and transport all their belongings. But unless you have very little to pack, the task of relocating without help can cause quite a few problems. For instance, fitting everything into your car requires some elbow grease, and you might end up making enough trips both to and from your old place to offset any savings from hiring movers. Even worse, residents’ belongings are more susceptible to damage when stuffed inside a smaller vehicle rather than a moving van or truck, costing them even more money. Overstuffing a car can be a serious safety hazard if the belongings obstruct the rearview window when driving. Don’t compromise your safety and the preservation of your belongings over a few dollars. Instead, hire short distance movers in Gainesville, FL, to do the hard work for you while taking extra care of every item you choose to bring along with you.

Get Acquainted With Your New Living Space

Residents allowed to visit their new home ahead of their move-in date should take the time to visit their new living space before bringing over their belongings. Bring with you a ruler to measure each room’s dimensions and bring along a notepad and a pen to jot down any design ideas. Doing so will give you a leg up when it’s time to pack, and you’ll have a better idea of what to prioritize, how to distribute your items into boxes, and what belongings to discard versus what items to keep. Paying a visit to your new home ahead of move can also be a great opportunity to get acquainted with your new neighborhood and neighbors.

Free Yourself From Clutter

Although this is true of any home-moving situation, regardless of distance, there is no better time to declutter your living space than when transitioning into a new home. Don’t skip this step while rushing to get the move over with. Once you have an idea of where things should go, what things to get rid of, and what to store, carefully discard or donate unwanted items. Visit your local pawn shop and try to sell what you don’t need, and donate food, clothes, and furniture for those less fortunate. Lastly, store what you want to keep for later in safe storage options.

Hire Professional Movers In Gainesville, FL

Next time you pack for a move in Gainesville, save yourself from breaking a sweat, putting yourself in danger, or accidentally damaging your valuable possessions. Instead, call the professionals at UF Mover Guys. Our trained team is dedicated to making every move as easy as possible. Get a free moving quote with our professional movers in Gainesville, FL, and let us take care of all the hard labor for you.

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