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4 Tips For Moving In With Your Significant Other


Moving in with a romantic partner is a major step in any relationship and not one that should be taken lightly. Nonetheless, when the time comes to finally take that leap, moving in with a partner is certain to be an exciting and joyful time in your life. Before you and your partner can begin enjoying your new home together, there will be plenty of things to do and several factors to consider. Below, the Gainesville moving experts with our moving company share a few helpful tips for moving in with a significant other!

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Don’t Unpack Just To Repack

If you and your partner are moving into a new place together following a wedding, hold off on unpacking all the housewarming and wedding gifts you’ve received until you’ve settled into your new home. While we understand the excitement of wanting to open up all of your new stuff, all your gifts will be much easier to move if they’re still in their original boxes. Not to mention, many new products come in boxes containing styrofoam and bubble wrap designed to keep them protected during transport.

Decide Who Is Bringing What

If you each bring along all of your old belongings, then your new home is bound to be full of unnecessary, duplicate items. Unless you and your partner are moving into a much larger living space, double the number of decorations, furniture, dishes, and appliances will only end up crowding your new home. To help avoid this problem, spend some time together coordinating who should bring what to your new home. Plus, you can sell the belongings you no longer need to make some extra money. 

Discuss Expectations 

It’s best for your relationship to have an in-depth understanding of one another’s expectations prior to moving in together. Who’s going to pick up the groceries? How will household chores be divided up? Discussing these responsibilities ahead of time can help mitigate any future misunderstandings and ensure both parties needs are being met. Additionally, having a discussion about financial responsibilities moving forward is important for couples planning on living together.

Be There For Each Other

The final (and most important) tip is simply to be there for each other. Moving somewhere new, especially if it’s somewhere far away from old friends and family, can be difficult at times. However, if you and your partner support each other through the tough times, you’ll have nothing to worry about and can focus on enjoying your new life together!

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