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5 Tips For A More Relaxing Move

5 Tips For A More Relaxing Move

Few, if any, like moving. It's time-consuming, physically demanding, and often rife with inconveniences. However, it ultimately ends up being a necessity for many people multiple times in their lives. It may feel like getting through a stress-free move is impossible, but we're here to provide tips to help make it a little easier for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire professional movers, these tips from UF Mover Guys can cut down on moving stress, allowing you more time to enjoy the process and your new home. Ready for your move? Contact us today to request a free moving quote.

Plan Ahead

It isn't always an option, but planning your move can help the process go smoothly and be less stressful overall. Make a plan for when you'll start packing so you have plenty of time and can go at your own pace. Starting early allows for items to be thoughtfully packed and categorized rather than hastily thrown into boxes at the last minute, leaving you wondering where everything is when it's time to unpack.

Pack For A Week

Pack a bag of clothes and necessities that will get you through at least the first week after moving. This way, you have everything readily available and aren't left tearing through boxes at 3 am looking for your contact lens case. Be sure to pack extras of socks and underwear and prioritize items you use every day. These items include the following.

  • Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Lotions, Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Towels
  • Medications
  • Hygiene Tools (Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Etc.)
  • Multiple Forms Of ID
  • Chargers

Take It Slow

When you plan ahead, you'll be able to take it slow with packing. Using this time to get rid of items you never use can be helpful and reduce the number of things you end up taking with you to your new place. Junk removal services can make removing even the big stuff a breeze. Once you're moved in, don't try to unpack everything right away. Set a goal of unpacking a certain number of boxes a day, prioritizing kitchen and bathroom boxes first.

Be Kind To Yourself

No matter what you do, moving is bound to be at least a little bit stressful. In moments when it feels like too much, remember to take a breath and take a break. Go outside for a walk or take a drive around to discover some cool things in your new neighborhood. Treat yourself to a yummy dinner the first night of your move to take away the stress of cooking. Bonus points if there are leftovers to eat again the next day.

Get Help

You're only one person, and moving is a huge production. Whether it's family and friends coming together to help or you hire professional movers, like UF Mover Guys, getting help can alleviate not just the stress but the physical toll that moving can take. Our Gainesville moving company provides invaluable services such as packing services and storage facilities so you can do your move on your time.

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