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Moving On A Budget: 5 Tips To Save Money


Moving is an exciting time for anyone relocating from one place to another, but it can also be a costly event when you consider submitting a deposit, paying rent, setting up utilities, and other associated costs. Costs can add up quickly if you purchase new furniture for or decorate your new space. Thus, if you're moving on a budget, you'll likely need to come up with effective strategies to cut costs. Here, our Gainesville moving company offers five great tips for saving money while moving.

Our professional movers at UF Mover Guys specialize in all types and sizes of relocations, so whether you're moving to a new apartment down the street or planning a relocation on a more substantial scale, we've got you covered. Contact our Gainesville movers today and schedule your move.

Make A Budget Ahead Of Time

When you're planning your move, the best thing you can do to save money is to put together a budget early on in the moving process. You might consider using a digital moving calculator to gauge your move's approximate cost. That way, you can get a good idea of what you can afford before you call our movers in Gainesville, FL, to request a quote for services. Knowing how much moving services will cost allows you to avoid overspending or stretching your budget too thin during the moving process. This helps make sure you'll have enough money to spend on moving and settling into your new space without financial headaches.

Sell Or Donate Excess Items

Consider what items are essential in your new space. We recommend donating or selling items you find not to be important. Getting rid of excess items means you can make some extra money to pay for your move. Give items you won't use to someone who can benefit from them, and avoid paying to transport unwanted belongings. If you have not used an item or worn certain clothing items for several years or more, you probably won't need to use them in the future, and you can part ways with them. Consider donating items you don't want to a local rescue organization, mission, thrift shop, hospital, or another place that takes second-hand things. Donate items in new or near-new condition to give them a second life!

Call Professional Movers

Moving on your own can be a difficult ordeal, particularly if you have to move large amounts of items or oversized, heavy items. If you attempt to move on your own and without the assistance of professional movers, you could damage furniture, heirlooms, art, and other belongings, and replacing or repairing those items can add up. What's more, if you're planning to relocate your items in a large moving truck, you might not be used to its many blind spots. Alternatively, calling professional movers can end up being more cost-effective, safe, and productive. An expert moving company like UF Mover Guys can provide you with a quote and works with various budgets. Contact us today to get started!

Pack Early In The Moving Process

Packing up can be nerve-racking, especially if you're moving year's worth of belongings. However, you can gain peace of mind by gathering and packing your items early in the moving process. This can help you avoid becoming stressed out by packing at the last minute. We recommend starting your packing process as soon as you receive your move-in date. To avoid losing access to anything you might need before your moving day, we recommend first packing up the items you use least, as you likely won't use them after you store them away. The last items you'll want to pack are your clothing and other essentials or personal items you will need before or during your move. Packing up early can also give you a good idea of the volume of items you'll need to be transported to your new space.

Reuse Packing Materials

One of the best ways to save money while considering the environment during your move is to reuse packing materials. If you frequently purchase items online, you're likely well aware of the convenience of receiving your items at your door, but what do you do with all of the boxes, packing peanuts, and packaging paper left over? For your upcoming move, consider the cost-saving perks of reusing cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape that come with your online purchases. Keep a tally of all of the packing materials you accumulate and the types of materials you'll need for your move. This will help make the packing process cheaper as well as more manageable.

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