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6 Tips For Spring Apartment Hunting

Tips For Finding An Apartment In Spring

When the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, it means the perfect time to embark on the apartment hunting adventure has begun! But just because the flowers are blooming doesn't mean apartment hunting is always all rosy. Thankfully, our Gainesville movers have outlined six tips for apartment hunting in the spring so that you can get early access to apartments at affordable prices!

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Utilize The Timing

While winter is a great time for finding bargains on apartments, there aren't many apartments that will be available. On the opposite end of the season spectrum, summer is often when many apartments hit the market, but at a higher price. Spring is the best of both worlds, as spring is a great time to find affordable apartments right before the summer boom.

Think About School Breaks

If you are planning a move and have children in school, it can be difficult to find the time to apartment hunt around their school schedule. However, Spring break is a great time for your whole family to be a part of apartment hunting, and when you are ready, you might be able to plan your move over summer vacation.

Consider Doing Some Spring Cleaning

If you are someone who embraces the spring cleaning tradition, removing all that clutter will put you in the perfect position for some spring apartment hunting. It can be hard to gauge how much space you need when you've accumulated clutter throughout your time in your current apartment, so we recommend decluttering before your big move. If you are struggling to figure out what to do with all your clutter, we offer junk removal services to help you remove any leftover items.

Snag Those College Rentals

If you like in a college town, such as Gainesville, FL, late spring is a great time to start apartment hunting, as a lot of those college rentals will soon be emptying out. Many college semesters end in late April or early May, which means that with the right timing, you can have an abundance of apartments to choose from.

Take Advantage Of The Winter Lull

As winter is the season when not a lot of apartments are on the market, it is also a slow time for landlords. This is why many landlords offer discounted security deposits, reduced rent, and other bargains during the winter. Keep an eye on unavailable rentals in the winter and see if you can secure the location when spring rolls around and availability opens up.

Get A Good Idea Of Your Utility Costs

Spring is the bridge between freezing winters and scorching summers, meaning that spring is a great time to estimate the cost of your utilities. It can be difficult to think all the way back to winter to estimate your heating costs, and the same is true regarding cooling costs in the summer, so spring is a good time to get a good average of the two.

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