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6 Tips To Help Kids Move During A School Year

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Moving is a stressful time for adults but can be extra stressful for children. From being uprooted from their friends and school to acclimating to an entirely new environment, moving can be a lot for a child or teen to process. Check out these six tips to help make the move easier for kids, courtesy of UF Mover Guys.

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Tell Them In Advance

Soon after solidifying your plans to move, you should let your child or children know what will be happening. Whether you're moving across the country or within the same city, a move is a big change for you and your child. Talking to them in advance about the changes will give them ample time to process everything and ask any questions they might have along the way.

Get Them Involved In The Process

Moving is a big endeavor, and getting your child involved will make the move easier and help them feel like they're playing a role in the transition. Allow them to help sort through and pack things, but also let them review their new school, possible teachers, and fun things that they can do in the area. By doing this, they can build excitement for their new home, school, and other fun opportunities, which can help ease their doubts and anxieties.

Throw A Going Away Party

The biggest hump that your child will probably have to get over when it comes to leaving their home is most probably leaving their friends. To help them come to terms with this loss, host a last hurrah with their closest friends to give them a cherished memory to hold onto when they're missing home and familiar surroundings.

Help Them Keep In Touch

To make the move from their friends easier, help your children stay connected long-distance. Thankfully, with today's technology, there are ample options to keep in touch, including exchanging numbers, social media information, and even playing online games together, depending on your child's age. Remind your child that even though they're separated from their friends in person, they can still spend quality time with them.

Make A Scrapbook

In addition to keeping in touch with their friends, you can make a scrapbook together filled with pictures and mementos from their old home, school, and favorite hangouts. Once you get into your new home, you can revisit the good times together to help them feel more connected to their old life. Also, leave blank pages in the scrapbook so your child can look forward to filling them with new memories.

Explore The New Area

Either before you move or right after, make time to explore the new area with your child. Some ideas for places to take them to include their new school, parks they can play at, restaurants that serve their favorite foods, libraries, museums, movie theaters, and more. Whatever it is, try to find multiple things in the area that will interest your child. This will assure them that life in their new home will be great!

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