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Creative and Fun Moving Hacks and Tips

Packing up everything you own and relocating to a new house can be incredibly stressful.

You have to worry about items getting lost or damaged. There are always an endless number of small chores and tedious details that can be overlooked.

But you really can have some fun and make your life a little easier with these unexpectedly creative and fun Gainesville moving tips.

Make a party of it.

Try to get as many of your friends as possible to help you move. Everything will go by quicker.

You will have a chance to reminisce as you pack treasured belongings that harbor funny memories. You should supply the pizza and beer, and thank everyone for coming.

While your Gainesville movers will take care of the big stuff, your friends can help you get through getting everything neatly packed in boxes.

Get creative with containers.

Cardboard egg cartons are perfect for transporting jewelry and small kid toys and knickknacks. Utilize suitcases, baskets and laundry hampers for extra storing space.

Beer cartons are great for books, glasses and heavy items. As an added bonus, they often have convenient carry handles.

Liquor stores, supermarkets and restaurants often have extra boxes with dividers, handles and unusual sizes to help you find a place for everything.

Prepare high-energy snacks.

Once you have packed up your kitchen, getting your snack fix throughout the moving process might mean weird concoctions of sandwich ham, mustard and stale pita bread from the back of the fridge or greasy donuts from the bakery down the street.

For a healthy, brain-fog clearing snack, cut an apple and hold the pieces together with a rubber band to keep it from browning. Snack on it later in the day when you’re starting to feel hungry and burned out.

Layered mason jar salads are also a great, healthy snack. They can be made up to a few days in advance so long as the soggy, heavy ingredients are kept at the bottom and the light, crispy greens are added last.

Relocating will always be tedious, but getting fun and creative with your movers helps it go by much faster. Once you are finally packed and ready to go, do not forget to say goodbye to your friends and family and to thank your Gainesville movers for making your move as fun and stress-free as possible.

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