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How to Cut Down on Clutter Before You Move

Many people don’t realize how many belongings they have until it’s time to pack them all before a move. Unworn clothes, defective devices and miscellaneous trinkets can accumulate in drawers and closets over the years, cluttering rooms and making it difficult to visualize what should be packed and in what order. If the amount of items you own is overwhelming and causing you to postpone packing, it’s probably time for some urgent decluttering. Movers in Gainesville suggest these methods to get rid of stuff you no longer need.

Use It Or Lose It

Dedicate one day to going through all your stuff and separating all items that have not been used or looked at in the past year. This includes clothes that no longer fit, devices that you already replaced with newer models, and anything that has been broken for months and not yet repaired. Discern between what is still fully functional, even if you no longer like or use it, and what is obsolete. Sell or donate the items in the first group, and discard those in the second. It will be much easier for Gainesville movers to help you pack, load and unload your belongings after you have streamlined.

Sell Items Online

Online selling may be the most convenient option if you are only trying to get rid of a few items — say, 10 or fewer — or if the items are large and heavy. For instance, you may have better luck finding buyers for a TV, bed frame, mattress, couch or microwave oven through websites such as eBay or Craigslist than at a yard or garage sale where most people don’t show up prepared and with the vehicle and personnel necessary to transport them home. If you’re moving into or out of Gainesville for school-related reasons, consider selling your stuff through student trading groups on Facebook or through Facebook Marketplace. Through these websites, you can message buyers to negotiate prices and designate a place for them to pick up their items.

Host a Garage Sale

This is a good idea if there are many items — say, 50 or more — or if most of them are small, miscellaneous and good candidates for mix-and-match deals. Bundle go-togethers such as sets of pans or coffee mugs. You and a friend or neighbor could work together to collect enough items for a big sale likely to attract more customers. Successful garage sales usually require at least a couple of weeks of preparation. Check with local authorities for any restrictions or requirements such as fees, permits and advertisement possibilities. Pick a day when the weather is nice, preferably on a weekend. Offer shopping bags or cardboard boxes for customers’ convenience. Remember to price items in increments of whole dollars and according to their worth to consumers, not to you. Be prepared for some bargaining.

Donate What You Can

Gainesville moving companies recommend donating a portion of the items you won’t take to charities or secondhand shops. For example, Wild Iris Books hosts a monthly Free Store event, usually at the Civic Media Center, in which they give away clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry and toiletries to people in need. Other organizations with a local presence are The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. Secondhand shops such as Plato’s Closet, Outreach Thrift Store, St. Patrick Thrift Shop and Flashbacks Recycled Fashions also accept donations.

Movers in Gainesville, FL

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