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Downsize with Self-Storage Units and Other Options

Downsize with Self-Storage Units and Other Options


Downsizing and removing some items from your home when moving to a new place could be a great way to save money and space. Less clutter means less mess and less stress. You can focus on the important items in your life when you reorganize. Moving into a smaller space forces you to do this. However, eliminating useless items even when you have the extra space is a good idea. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of them. You have a number of ways to do it.




Some items might be perfect for donation. If you don’t use them often, you can give them away to a friend or family member who could get more use out of it. Another option is to find a place in your area that takes donations. Drop off old radios, furniture, books, clothing, and other items you no longer need. You might be able to write the donations off on your taxes.


Trash and Recycling


Some items are no good to anyone, and associations that take donations may not want them. Look into recycling options for those items. You can recycle many different types of goods, including computers and old televisions. For items that you can’t recycle or sell, there is always the landfill. While throwing things in the trash is not ideal, sometimes it is the only option.




Some items are still in great condition. Instead of donating them or giving them to someone, sell them. List the item on Craigslist and similar sites. List the item in your local paper and post about it on social networks such as Facebook and Google+. Selling some of your goods will put a little extra money in your pocket to help with the move, and it means less to haul for you or the movers.


The Benefit of Storage Units


You might have some items that you cannot bear to part with. Perhaps it is an old collection of comics, exercise gear, bikes, or other expensive items. Instead of selling them or giving them away, consider getting a storage unit. Different sized units are available. You can find one that will be the right size for the number of items you need to store.


Tips to Help


Think about usage when determining how to downsize and what to do with the items. If you never or rarely use an item, donate it. If you intend to use the item in the future, or if it has sentimental value, put it in a storage unit. You will regret getting rid of items that you really love, so the storage unit is the perfect option.


Start the downsizing and organizing early. When packing, make separate piles for all of the items you plan to store and donate. Get rid of those items at least a week or two before the move. By downsizing, you will have less clutter. You will have fewer items to pack and haul to your new home as well.

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