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Easy-to-Forget Items You'll Want on Moving Day

As the date of your move approaches, it’s a good idea to make sure all the important steps are taken. By now, you’ve probably found your preferred moving company in Gainesville, FL, and arranged for moving services. What’s left is to make some organizational decisions about how you’ll pack up and move everything to your new home. One step that’s worth taking is to make a list of the easy-to-forget items that you’re likely to want right when you move in.

Items to Keep On-Hand During Your Gainesville Move

From color coding boxes by what room they go in to taking pictures of furniture for reference before dismantling them, Gainesville movers have a lot of professional tips that could make your move easier. But making a list of all the easy-to-forget items you’ll need is less of a tip than it is an essential step in a successful move. How well you keep track of these important yet underemphasized items will make all the difference for how comfortable and convenient your move will be.  

Cleaning Supplies

There’s a good chance the people who moved out of your new home didn’t leave it as clean as you’d like. But having cleaning supplies on-hand let’s you make sure the new house is clean and livable on day one. Rags or paper towels and a multi-purpose cleaning spray is a great tandem for cleaning most areas, while sponges and dishwasher detergent ensure you’ll have clean dishes and glasses after meals. A small vacuum cleaner is likewise nifty to have for cleaning carpets, while a broom and dustpan will keep any hard floors dust free. As for packing the cleaning supplies, a clear plastic container will keep everything together and easily identifiable.


It’s easy to take toiletries for granted because you use them everyday, but coming to a new home without toiletries and finding the bathroom empty could be overwhelming. Before packing up the bathroom in your current home, set aside those items you use daily. Things such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, shampoo, and toilet paper are all good choices, as are a bath towel and even a shower curtain. Next, pack these items into a backpack or a beach bag that will remain at your side when you travel to the new home.


Setting aside a few days of clothes allows you to stay fresh after moving in. These clothes should be packed in a small suitcase, or even in the same bag as your essential toiletries, and kept at your side on move-in day. You could also transport more of your wardrobe by leaving the clothes on their hangers and putting them in a clear plastic bag. Then at the new house, you need only to rehang the hangers and clothes in the closet.

Batteries & Chargers

From the TV remote to the clock on the wall, a lot of items in your home require batteries to work. Any spare batteries should be set aside, along with all the chargers for cell phones, laptops, and other important devices, and these items should go in a clear plastic bin. Once you move in, you’ll be able to make phone calls, watch TV, and do other important activities.


From reassembling large furniture to hanging pictures on the walls, there’ll be many chances to use tools in the new home. There’s no reason to worry about having every power tool from the garage just to do a few basic jobs, but it’s a good idea to have at least a toolkit close by. A hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, a measuring tape, a level, a set of pliers, a utility knife, and an assortment of nails and screws is a great ensemble of tools to have on move-in day. It’s also important to keep the tools packed together so nothing gets lost. If a small toolkit or tool box isn’t available, other options include a tackle box, a lunch bag, or a clear plastic container.

Keep Organized

The more items you keep packed together, the less of them you’ll forget and the easier time you’ll have finding them on move-in day. Try putting like categories of items into smaller bags or containers and then consolidating everything in one or two large boxes. Just make sure to ask your Gainesville moving company to load these boxes into the truck last, so you can access them first later. The other option is to put the items in your vehicle instead of the moving truck, so you know you have them on hand.

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