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How To Feel At Home In Gainesville

There's a difference between living in a place and feeling at home there. Feeling at home involves learning the nuances of the city, such as seasonal weather patterns, schedules for local sporting events, locations to take pets for walks, as well as decorating resources. To help you settle in after moving to Gainesville, UF Mover Guys put together this list of information about the city.

Local Weather

The saying, "If you don't like the weather in Gainesville, just wait a few minutes," is well-known to Gainesville movers. The city’s humid subtropical climate can see dramatic temperature changes from one day to the next, and rainy seasons bring rain showers throughout the day. Part of feeling at home, therefore, is knowing how to anticipate local weather conditions. The warmest months are May through September, with June and July having the highest levels of precipitation, while December through February are the coolest and driest months.

UF Athletics

The presence of the University of Florida is felt throughout Gainesville into the surrounding areas. Because of the sizable population of UF students in Gainesville, moving services are in-demand at the start and end of each semester as students vacate or move into off campus apartments. Furthermore, UF athletics play an important role in the city’s culture. During the college football season, Gators home games send ripples throughout Gainesville, including lane closures on Archer Road, crowds of people in orange-and-blue regalia on city sidewalks, and cheers emanating from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. And most other UF sports teams, from basketball to gymnastics, are likewise admired. Meanwhile, from tickets to news updates, the resource for all things UF athletics is

Resources For Pet Owners

Pet ownership is common in Gainesville. Hence, the city is home to numerous pet friendly apartment communities, while venues for pets and their owners also abound. For example, the Dogwood Park & Daycare, which is located in the Archer Road neighborhood of southeast Gainesville, features 15-acres of open space for pets and their owners. And there are also pet events organized by Gainesville Pet Rescue.

Home Decorating Ideas

From family homes in Northwest Gainesville to student apartments in Midtown, residential movers assist residents in moving into all kinds of housing. Something consistent across all housing in Gainesville, though, is that decorations make a place to live feel like a home. And while the manner in which you decorate should reflect your personality, comfortable furniture, a few select wall hangings, and lighting fixtures are usually required to make a home.

Meanwhile, to buy home decorations in Gainesville, there are two approaches to consider, including driving to a shopping center with multiple home-furnishing stores, such as Butler Plaza, or shopping at boutique stores individually, such as Sisset's. But it’s also important to utilize the decorations you already own by unpacking moving boxes as soon as you move into your new home. Because the sooner all the belongings in your home are organized and placed in their proper places, the sooner you’ll feel at home.

Finding Movers In Gainesville

UF Mover Guys is a local moving company with a big presence. Offering moving services for both residential and student moves, our company has enabled numerous residents to not only move to Gainesville but also make their homes in the city. Also, every member of our moving team is extensively trained for all essential moving skills. As a result, UF Mover Guys is available to perform full-service moves or individual moving services, such as packing, loading and unloading, or transportation. We also offer climate-controlled storage solutions, low-cost supplies for do-it-yourself moves, and helpful tips for moving as well as adjusting to life in Gainesville. Contact us to receive a free moving quote!

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