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How to Avoid a Stressful Moving Experience and Be Prepared

When planning a move, people often get advice from from everyone but who they should.   Listening to a trusted source on moving in the community is one of the best options out there.   To enjoy a stress free moving experience there are some mistakes that a lot of people make.  Avoiding some of the most common mistakes when moving yourself, or hiring a professional mover can make the difference come moving day.  Moving is considered to be one of the top ten most stressful events in a person’s life, and their is good reason why.  Please take some time to review our comprehensive list of the most common mistakes people make when moving.

Moving Mistake #1: Moving without the Help of a Professional Moving Company

Most people when moving are scared to hire a moving company due to the associated costs.  Often a person can do their move for less money by renting a truck, and loading and unloading themselves.  Using the help of friends and family will help save money as well, but there is almost always an inverse relationship with headaches, and problems.  Hiring a professional mover will take away the frustration of moving yourself if you choose the right moving company with proper research.  Professional movers have been doing this for years, and they are a site to see when they come in and move everything out in an orderly, efficient way.  Movers come prepared for any and all situations.  Having the proper equipment, and training to do the job makes all the difference in the world.

If you’re in the market for a moving company in Gainesville, fill out the form by following the link and someone will contact you and go over your move.  Sometimes you may only require the professional packing services and not a full scale move.  This will save time and chaos when you go to unload your belongings at the new location.

Moving Mistake #2: Valuing Price Over Quality

Often times, people are only concerned with price.  If there was ever a time when quality outweighs price, moving is that time.  Most of the time there is a reason why there is a huge disparity in prices from one service to the next.  Not all moving companies are the same, and neither are the services they provide.  Some things to consider are:  Will my items be professional wrapped and protected, or just have minimal protection?  Does the price include all associated costs, and fees?

Always make sure to ask your friends and family about any moving company you are considering and check with local review sites, and the state regulatory body to ensure there are not a bunch of complaints against the movers.  What may seem like a great deal can often turn into a nightmare on the back end.  As long as you conduct due diligence, then you should have no issues on moving day.

Moving Mistake #3: Waiting Till The Last Minute

Traditionally moving season is from May to September nationwide.  This is because school is out during this period, and families try to relocate during this time.  This means it is a good idea to begin the planning stages long before the move date arrives.  Most movers will charge accordingly based upon availability, and may not even have availability for you to move.  It is a good idea to begin investigating the services at least one month prior to your move date.

 Moving Mistake #4: Packing Items Not Allowed

Items that are normally not a good idea to move are valuables, important documents, heirloom jewelry, and any hazardous materials.  If you are moving out of state it is often not allowed for plants to be moved across state lines.  This is to prevent the spread of disease amongst the plants.  Most moving companies will provide you with a list of items they consider to be non-moveable.  It is recommended to bring all valuables, documents, and priceless jewelry with you and let the movers handle everything else.  Hazardous items will need to be taken to the local dump and repurchased at your new location.

 Moving Mistake #5: Forgetting a Emergency Kit

Being prepared for any situation is crucial on moving day.  Often things fall, get knocked over, or just cause a dangerous environment.  If your 250lb refrigerator falls and busts your foot, will you be ready?  It is recommended to have a first aid kit, along with clothes and food and water just in case.

 Moving Mistake #6: Having an Overly Dirty or Cluttered Space

Not conducting a good spring cleaning prior to move date can make the day a headache for you and your moving company.  Some moving companies will reschedule the move if it is too dirty, or cluttered. They do this because of how busy moving season is, and to protect the interests of their other customers.  If you are moving yourself, it will make your life that much easier and less stressful to have the house cleaned up prior to moving.

Moving Mistake #7: Not Protecting Your Important Files on The Computer

Backing up your computer is a must.  There is no guarantee that it will fire up again after having been transported and being subjected to the vibrations and heat of a moving truck.  It is recommended to backup all files remotely, and on a hard disc.  This provides redundant support system should it be needed upon arrival at the final destination.

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