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How to Move a Pool Table

Tips on Moving Your Pool Table

Having a pool table is a lot of fun for people until it is time to move to a new location because the item is bulky and difficult to lift. When you hire a knowledgeable Gainesville moving company, there is no need to worry about moving the largest and heaviest pool table because there are experts who know exactly what to do.

Pool Tables Require Disassembling

A pool table is a delicate item to move on and off of a moving truck because of its specialized materials, and extensive preparation is required to complete the task correctly. Hopefully, you have kept the instructions concerning taking the pool table apart because it is usually impossible to move the item from a room in one piece.

The Materials Require Protection

The legs must come off to fit the pool table through a doorway, but the problems with moving it do not end there. Most pool tables are made of heavy wood, and to remove its legs or top, you must tilt it on its side or top. This means you need careful Gainesville movers to prevent scratches and other damage to the item. To prevent damage to the pool table’s wood surface, the floor requires a tarp covering, and the people tilting the pool table must have a lot of patience. There are also intricate mechanisms inside the hollow spaces of the pool table that can become damaged if the item is mishandled.

Your Movers Need Patience

The Gainesville moving technicians you hire must have the proper tools and knowledge to remove bolts, pins and screws from a pool table before wrapping it carefully and placing it on a truck. Not only does taking a pool table apart require skill, but upon arriving at a destination, the same type of patience is required to put the item back together to make sure it is still in the best condition. Unless all of the parts are inserted correctly into the pool table and the felt on the tabletop surface is undamaged, the pool table becomes nonfunctional and requires a professional repair.

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