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How To Get Through A Last-Minute Move Like A Pro

Tips For Last-Minute Moving In Gainesville, FL

Having only a few days to pack up and move out of home or apartment can be a nightmare. Figuring out what to take or leave behind, what order to pack in, and how you’re going to get everything from point A to point B are just a few of the numerous issues you may run into as moving day approaches. These Gainesville moving strategies can help alleviate the stress associated with last-minute moves.

Make A Task List & Stick To It

With a set move-out date, it’s time to buckle down and figure out the right way to handle your move. Creating a task list can help make this monstrous task appear much more manageable, and provide some much-needed guidance in this stressful time. Start by grouping together parts of the house by how essential they are to your day-to-day routine. A room that is rarely used, such as the dining room, can be packed up first while a room that is used everyday, such as a bedroom, should be packed last to reduce the impact on everyday life. If there seem to be too many items or your large furniture is going to be too difficult to move, consider looking into hiring a moving company to assist with your last-minute move. 

Find The Right Moving Company

With only a short amount of time to prepare everything in your home or apartment for move-out day, a moving company can provide the support you need to make the move on time. Consider what type of moving services might be best for your move. Determine whether any large, bulky furniture needs to be moved, or if packing services are needed to get everything sorted and stored both securely and swiftly.  As time is of the essence, a Gainesville moving company can provide some last-minute stress relief, and ensure your home or apartment is ready for move-out day.

Acquire Packing Materials 

Moving means lots of boxes, newspapers, and packing tape. Unfortunately, time is limited and running around town to find packing supplies isn’t always feasible on a time crunch. Instead, it’s likely that there are materials in your home or apartment that can be used to store personal items while moving. Clean socks or towels can be wrapped around dishes or other fragile items for extra protection. Clothes can be stored inside of suitcases or backpacks and electronics can even be bundled inside to save space. Smaller kitchen items can be placed inside pots with lids, saving both time and space. While our Gainesville movers will only ever use proper packing materials, some creativity can go a long way if you find yourself in a last-minute moving pinch and saving space and time is a priority.

Ask For Help

Moving can sometimes be a substantial task, and doing it alone may not be viable. Before you panic, call up some friends or family members, order a pizza, and get some support as you begin to declutter and pack up. Not only is this a good opportunity to reminisce over good times, but you can also offer-up any unwanted items as a thank you for the help. ‘Divide and conquer’ is always a good strategy, so divvy-up materials between groups, assign each person to a room and get to packing. 

Worry About Unpacking Later

 Under conventional circumstances, it’s ideal to keep items organized according to room or purpose, but in the event of a last-minute move, speed is more important than categorical groupings. Fit as much as possible into each box, and worry about the contents later when it’s time to unpack. Boxes that contain fragile items, such as glassware, should be labeled appropriately, but for boxes filled with remotes, desk junk, kids toys, or other non-fragile items, the labeling process can be skipped-over to accommodate your time crunch. Using large garbage bags can also be an easy and quick way to pack clothes with their hangers, saving you from folding and sorting wardrobes. While not ideal, these moving strategies can help save precious time when time is not on your side.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

With moving supplies acquired and help recruited, it’s time to say goodbye to some of those unused items that have accumulated over the years. During the pack-up phase of your move, it’s important to consider the contents of your household as well as what items you want to bring along to your new living space. You’ve only got so long, and if you hired a Gainesville moving company, you’ll want to make sure everything is packed away before they arrive. Divide the material into four groups — keep, throw away, recycle, and donate — to reduce the number of items to be put away in boxes, which saves time, space, and energy. Don’t fret too long over each item — if you can’t remember the last time you used it, it’s probably okay to toss it.

Have A Successful Move

Thanks to the help of some friends and family, lots of decluttering, and a few trash bags full of clothes, you’ve survived this last-minute move-out. If you recruited the help of a Gainesville moving service, take some time to do some last-minute cleaning and double-check that nothing important got left behind in the chaotic moving process. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself — you’ve survived a last-minute move and now it’s time to relax.

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