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Moving? Don't Forget to Say Goodbye!

Moving to another city or state is almost always bittersweet. Adventure and new experiences await, but parting ways with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors is hard. It’s difficult to say goodbye to people knowing you won’t see them for a while, but it can also be difficult to literally say goodbye to everyone in person in a short amount of time and among the chaos of preparing for the move. Throwing a farewell party may be the best way to personally say goodbye to loved ones and destress from the Gainesville moving process for a few hours.

Create the Guest List

Upon deciding to host a party, the first thing you have to do is make a list of all the people you want to invite. Determine whether you want a small gathering with only your closest friends or a big bash with anyone who would like to attend. From the core group of people you see almost every day to acquaintances you may have not seen in months, make sure you include anyone whom you wish to see one last time before leaving. Another option is to collaborate with other movers in Gainesville to host a joint party, especially if you have many friends in common and want to avoid the risk of setting the same date for separate parties. You and the co-hosts could split costs and responsibilities.

Pick a Time & Place

If the moving date is soon, chances are your place is a mess full of boxes or displaced, unpacked belongings, or you may have already given some stuff to the Gainesville movers helping you transport them. In either case, it may be better to ask a friend if the party could be held at their place or pick a public venue, such as a restaurant or bar. Make sure the place you pick will fit all the guests, and find out whether a reservation is needed. If the party will be on a weekday, set a time that will allow everyone to get there after work. On the flip side, if you are hosting it during the weekend, send out invites as early as possible so people can save the date. Invitations can quickly be sent through text messages, social media, email or word of mouth.

Have Food & Activities

A party is not a party if all the guests are lounging half awake on couches or staring at their phones. Especially if not all your invitees know each other, games and physical activities are a great way for them to interact and keep the party alive. Dancing, karaoke and cards or board games are some good ways to keep a crowd entertained. Organize a potluck, or let everyone know you will provide food. This is a foolproof people pleaser that could also motivate guests to arrive early because they don’t have to stop to eat on the way there.

Give a Short Speech

Let everybody unwind and have fun, but don’t forget the reason for hosting the party in the first place. Remember to give everybody a farewell hug and maybe even take a some time during the celebration to say a few words to the crowd. Let loved ones know how much their friendship and presence at the party means to you, reminisce about funny or cherished memories with them, and toast to a successful and exciting future for everyone involved.

Movers in Gainesville, FL

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