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Moving During The Holidays? These Tips Will Help!


The time leading up to a move can be filled with different emotions, the most common of which are excited and anxious anticipation for the big day. But for individuals planning a move during the holiday season, packing up and relocating can be brimming with frustration and stress. The key to successful moving during a holiday season relocation is to plan ahead, prepare for the unexpected, and give yourself plenty of time to take care of business, including your holiday plans and your packing and moving schedule. Here, professional movers with our Gainesville moving company, UF Mover Guys, share four top tips for moving during the holiday season.

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Schedule Your Move Early

For many people, a lot is going on during the holiday season, and moving on top of holiday plans and festivities can spell disaster. But have no fear! One of the best ways to streamline your moving process during the holidays is to schedule your move before the holiday season arrives. Start planning as soon as you know where you’ll move. This means that you will want to figure out how you will pack, what the move-out process will look like, how moving day will function, and other aspects of your upcoming move. Moving can be a lot of work, so putting a plan together ahead of time can help reduce your stress levels, so you can better enjoy the holiday season and be prepared for moving day.

Hire A Trusted Moving Company

When you need to move during one of the busiest times of the year, the holiday season, don’t be afraid to ask for help! A move is a large-scale project, and the more hands you have to help you make it happen, the quicker and easier your move will be. Instead of handling all the moving details and logistics, take a load off and hire a trusted, local moving company in Gainesville to do the heavy lifting for you. Packing that could take you weeks can be done quickly by our Gainesville movers. We’ll pack everything up, load it, and transport it to your final destination carefully, so you can rest assured your belongings will be safe from point A to point B. Request a moving quote today!

Pack Up Most Holiday Decorations

When relocating during the holidays, you might wonder how to pack up your belongings without skimping the holiday cheer. Some people may prefer not decorating at all, but for those seeking to infuse the appearance of the holidays into their household, despite their upcoming move, we recommend keeping holiday decorating more low-key than your usual decorating scheme. Take a walk through your living space and determine what you’ll need during the holidays and what you can look forward to using in the future. Scale back on holiday decorating and consider sticking with small, easily packable decorations, such as a festive wreath hung on the front door and a small or imitation tree with simple lights and decorations. These minimal holiday decorations will allow you to pack up some decorations to use in your next home but won’t force you to skip this holiday season entirely.

Go Out For The Holidays

Moving during the holidays can mean switching your approach to celebrating the holiday season. Switching things up this year can help you, and your loved ones avoid added stress while allowing you to partake in holiday events and gatherings. For example, if you usually host a large dinner on your favorite holiday, consider instead going out to eat or hosting the event at someone else’s house this year. Not only will your living space be filled with boxes and other packing materials, but you’ll also want to avoid having people coming over and creating additional clutter. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to have a feast at a local restaurant this year. Invite your friends and loved ones to enjoy the time with them. After all, it’s not the food that makes the memories; it’s the people! For additional information and tips for moving during the holidays and any time of year, contact UF Mover Guys!

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