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Moving For Love? Read This First!

What To Know Before Moving For Love

When sparks of love first emerge for couples in Gainesville, moving into a home or apartment together seems to be the logical next phase of the relationship. But just as “love” can be a tough concept to define, deciding whether or not to cohabitate with your partner can likewise prove difficult. Therefore, when the option to move for love arises, the wise approach is to first investigate whether living together is in each of your best interests.

Determine Long-Term Plans

The first step in determining whether you should move in with your significant other is to have a discussion. Rather than a conversation about which moving companies in Gainesville, FL, to hire, or how many moving boxes to purchase, the couple should first deliberate the prospects of their relationship. Essentially, if either party is uncertain about whether the relationship is viable long-term, then the idea of moving in together is moot.

Imagine Living In Another City

It’s not uncommon for professional movers to meet people who have decided to move back to Gainesville after realizing living elsewhere was not satisfying. But, oftentimes, the prospect of moving to a new city, or a different area in the same city, is a real probability for people contemplating moving in with their significant others. Therefore, the partner that initiates the relocation should first research, then explore the new city, and finally, make a determination of the suitability of their partner’s environment before scheduling a move-in date.

Discuss Living Arrangements

If a couple decides to live together, the next step before finalizing move-in plans is to talk about living arrangements. Before scheduling moving services, couples should have already figured out how to divide expenses for the rent or mortgage, who will do which chores in the home, and which of their individual furniture and decorations will work best when combined in a mutual living space, among other important decisions. With regard to possessions, some couples downsize their two households first by selling extra or duplicate items before moving in together.

Have A Back-Up Plan

As a back-up plan, the partner moving into a significant other’s home should consider keeping their extra belongings in storage, just in case the move isn’t permanent. Placing items in storage can also reduce moving costs. If the relationship doesn’t work out, the person leaving won’t have to pay to pack and remove these items from an ex’s home. Fortunately, our Gainesville movers offer loading and unloading services to help transport items to a storage unit for a lower rate than a full-service move would cost.

Moving Company In Gainesville, FL

UF Mover Guys is the preferred moving company for many individuals, families, and couples in Gainesville. When working with couples, our professional movers offer a full range of relocation solutions. We offer climate-controlled storage services for clients wishing to retain some of their possessions, as well as junk removal services for those wanting to make the move more manageable. No matter the size of your move, we can perform all the steps necessary for relocating clients, for both residential moves and commercial moves. Contact us today to learn more and to get a free moving quote!

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