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Moving In Bad Weather

When moving, you’re often told to plan for the unexpected, including the weather. It’s important to check the forecast as the date approaches and plan accordingly. Though it’s one more thing on the moving checklist, you’ll be glad you followed these tips from the Gainesville movers at UF Mover Guys.

Rain & Storms

Florida is known for short-lived downpours and summertime thunderstorms. The possible deluge of water makes packing and protecting belongings crucial. Use plastic, waterproof bins and tubs with lids to pack as much as possible, especially if you have books and other paper-based items. Electronics should be packed in waterproof plastic bags and clothing shrinkwrapped to save space and protect it from rain.  

High Winds

A steady wind on moving day may provide a little natural air conditioning when you’re packing and loading belonging, but it can cause issues. Mitigate lost box tops and fly-away papers by taping boxes shut and securing lids with sturdy packing tape. If you’ll be moving belongings in a personal vehicle like a truck, use ratchet straps, rope, or other tie-downs to keep things secured on a windy day.


The Sunshine State lives up to its billing most days, but our moniker can work against a move if you’re not prepared. But when you’re moving on a hot day, you also have to protect yourself and others along with your belongings. Remember to use sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your head and face. It’s easy to dehydrate when moving so keep plenty of cold, non-caffeinated beverages on hand and remember to take breaks when necessary to cool off. One way to reduce the risk of overheating when moving is by calling a moving company in Gainesville like UF Mover Guys. Our team of professional movers have worked in all types of weather conditions and can help make your move in bad weather run smoothly and on time.

Protect Your New Home On Moving Day

The last thing you want to do after moving on any day, let alone a bad weather day, is clean up a mess in your new home. Entryways are prone to messes and damage, especially on a rainy day. Use old towels, blankets, and/or waterproof tarps to cover the flooring while you and the movers unload the truck. This will also lessen the chances of water damage developing later on.

Our Gainesville Moving Company Has Your Move Covered

Sometimes Mother Nature tries to throw a curve into your moving plans, but don’t be dismayed. UF Mover Guys have years of experience helping people with residential and commercial moves in every type of weather Florida offers. Our team of professional movers still use care and caution with your belongings, systematically packing, loading, and unloading them into your new home. Bad weather or perfect weather, we’re always moving Gainesville!

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