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Moving Off Campus? Check Out These Tips!

Moving into off-campus housing for the first time as a college student can be exciting. Whether you have experienced everything the dorms had to offer or looking for off-campus options as a freshman because dorms are just not for you, these guidelines for Gainesville moving can help you along the process.

Begin Searching Early

Demand for off-campus apartments near UF is extremely high. Some student apartment complexes run out of spots midway through the semester prior to moving in. So, to have as many options as possible, begin your search for housing at least a couple of months before the date when you need to move in. Arrange a date and time to inspect the unit before committing to it. A tour of the place will give you a better idea of its dimensions and allow you to pay special attention to conditions such as cleanliness, maintenance level and safety standards. Also, think about whether you like the neighborhood.

Know Your Budget

Living off campus requires financial responsibility. As you look for apartments, making a preliminary budget will allow you to discern which options you can and can’t afford. Generally, budgets should include monthly rent, the security deposit, furnishing and decorating costs, and utilities such as electricity, water, cable TV, internet and delivery services. You may also want to factor in monthly food and transportation expenses.  Also, consider whether you will need Gainesville movers to help you carry furniture and other belongings into your new house or apartment.

Plan Your Commute

Many students prefer living close enough to campus to be able to walk or ride their bikes or scooters to class. Others prioritize cheaper rent or more amenities found at buildings farther away from campus, even if this means dealing with a longer commute. Regardless of what your priorities are, make sure that you will have convenient transportation options wherever you choose to live. Look for enough parking, or if you rely on public transportation, review available routes and calculate trip times with and without traffic.

Review the Lease Carefully

Most of us are not fans of lengthy paperwork, but it is extremely important that you read every section of your lease or contract carefully before signing it. Have all communication and agreements between you and the landlord documented in writing, and make sure you know what each party’s responsibilities will be. Inspect the lease for information about how many people are allowed to live in the house or apartment, who is responsible for broken appliances and fixtures, and policies on pets, subletting, noise levels, overnight guests, parking, etc.

Find the Right Roommate

Sharing a house or apartment with other students can have many benefits. Roommates can split costs, distribute household chores and keep each other company. However, being stuck with a roommate who is irresponsible, messy and inconsiderate can be a big source of stress. Try to move in with people you already know and trust. If this is not a possibility, take advantage of the roommate-matching services some apartment complexes provide. If you find roommates through a website or social media platform, arrange to meet in person before cosigning a lease with them.

Call a Gainesville Moving Company

With years of experience helping students move in and out of apartments, UF Mover Guys have seen it all. We know how overwhelming the process of moving can be, so we are here to help with as much as we can. Our team of movers in Gainesville can provide vehicles for transportation and help you pack, load and unload your belongings. Contact us today so we can help you settle in!

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