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Moving On a Budget

The word budget can be a touch daunting, especially when you're moving. But for many people, they can't move without one. If you're in this popular group, Gainesville Moving wants to make your next move a little easier with these tips for moving on a budget.

Plan Ahead

You’ve heard time is money, right? Any moving company in Gainesville will tell you when it comes to moving on a budget this is quite true. The more planning you can do ahead of time, starting the day you find out you’ll be moving, the more money you’ll be able to save and spend solely on moving expenses. But keep in mind plans can – and will – change so allow for some flexibility when planning a move.

Go Easy on Buying Packing Supplies

One area many people often forget to account for in a moving budget are packing supplies. A roll of tape here and a few boxes there doesn’t seem like much of an expense until you start packing. To either stay on budget or save money, check with friends and family for any leftover but sturdy boxes you could use. Grocery stores, bookstores, and similar businesses often give away boxes that would otherwise be recycled. Protect what you’re packing in these boxes with old towels, sheets, or clothing or even crumpled newspapers and magazine pages.

Pad Your Budget By Selling Unwanted/Unused Items

eBay, Craigslist, and other online sites are always full of people looking to make some extra money on things they don't use or need anymore. Use this same approach to add a little cash to your moving budget. Also, since many TV shows and movies are available through online streaming services, consider donating DVDs to a local library and free up precious space in boxes for other items making the move. And for the items you won’t be taking but can’t sell? Check with local nonprofits to see if they would have a need for any of your leftover stuff.

Have a “Survival” Box

Even when you hire Gainesville movers to help with a move, it can still be a tiring experience from the weeks of planning, packing, and now unpacking in your new home. Put together a “survival” box for the first couple of days and avoid a late night trip to the nearest store for a toothbrush or phone charger. Items to pack in this box include:

  • Any medications or prescriptions
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toilet paper
  • Cell phone and other electronic charging cords
  • Small snacks such as crackers and granola bars
  • Change of clothing and a bath towel

Fix Dings and Scratches For The Deposit

A small container of spackle and 20 minutes of your time to repair the dent from the front door knob hitting the wall will cost a lot less than having it come from your security deposit if you’re a renter. Allow for room in your budget for buying any necessary supplies like paint and wood glue to fix the dings and scratches you’ll find when packing to move.

Hire a Gainesville Moving Company

At first glance, going with a DIY move can appear to be the way to go, especially when you’re moving on a budget. Yet, the stack of receipts for everything from renting a moving truck to buying the food offered to friends and family for their help grows quickly. By hiring Gainesville Moving, you’re getting professional movers who move your belongings as if they were their own. Our up-front pricing means no hidden fees, making it budget-friendly and getting rid of the stack of takeout receipts for you. When it comes to moving Gainesville residents, Gainesville Moving goes above and beyond every time.

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