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Moving Safety

Moving can put your body through a lot of stress. Minor injuries are common. Severe injuries are possible.

You may decide to rent a van or truck and handle all the packing yourself. You might decide to hire professionals, such as Gainesville Moving Company.

Whatever the case may be, safety should always be a  top priority. The following are some valuable tips that will keep you and all your Gainesville Moving professionals safe from harm.

Examine your current residence before moving day. Inspect the area for any hazards or safety concerns.

Safety concerns include broken steps, hoses, cracked concrete and similar objects. These hazards could result in injury as well as damage to your belongings if you or your helpers trip.

Note the closest spot or location where the moving truck can park.  Check for any imbalances in the walkway or sidewalk.

Ensure any steps in the front walkway are clearly seen. During a move, people may not notice the steps because they are usually distracted and unfamiliar with your home or the area,

Look for poles, posts, tree branches and other problems that might be a threat toward Gainesville Movers. Ground level protrusions or low hanging obstacles can be marked with bright colored ties or removed completely.

Do the same inspection and safety check on your new property as well.

During a move, people often load boxes to the brim. They fill them up entirely without bothering to check the weight.

If the boxes are very heavy, they might be too difficult to carry. A mover could injure their back or pull a muscle from overexertion.

When packing, try to keep the weight of your boxes under 50 pounds.  If you have stairs, you should consider lowering the weight to about 30 pounds.

If you are unsure of a box’s weight, lift it and see if you carry it without excessive strain.  Remember the box has to be carried a long way to the truck.

Remember to lift the proper way. Squat down and lift the box with your lower body.

Professional movers, such as Gainesville Movers, know the appropriate attire to wear when moving. However, your family and friends that might be helping you do not always know how to dress for the occasion.

Wear clothes that fit perfectly and are comfortable.  Tight-fitting clothes will restrict movement while clothes that are too loose could pose a hazard if they catch on something. Avoid flip-flops or slippers.

While you love your pets and children, they have a tendency to get in the way during a move.  If you can, get someone to watch them.

Doing so will prevent your kids or pets from being hurt during the move. Additionally, it ensure that the your friends and the movers will not face danger if you have an aggressive dog.

Relocating can be a difficult task. Chances are you will sweat quite a bit.

You need to be sure you have adequate water supply at your old house and your new residence so everyone is properly hydrated. Dehydration is a common and serious ailment associated with moving.

Providing some snacks as well would be an incredibly considerate thing to do. This will ensure that your movers have the energy to work and complete the job.

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