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Moving Soon? Pack A Priority Box!

Packing A Priority Box

There’s no question about it — moving can be hard work. The months preceding a move might include many preparations, from hiring professional movers to transferring utilities. On moving day, you may be on-the-go for hours carrying boxes, supervising movers, or traveling by car or plane. With everything that’s going on, finding moments of relaxation is crucial to avoid fatigue and burn out, especially on the first night in your new home or apartment. But with some of your belongings likely still packed or inside moving trucks, how can you be sure you’ll have what you need during that first night?

One solution is to set aside a priority box with everyday essentials like your toiletries. Before you finish packing, set aside the items you’ll need that first night. On moving day, keep them with you, either in a box or backpack, as you travel. That way, no matter what’s left unpacked that first night, you’ll have enough to relax and recharge.

In terms of what you should include in your priority box, here are a few suggestions from our Gainesville movers.

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Bedding & Sleepwear

If you plan on sleeping at your new place, you’ll need bedding. How much you should bring depends on how much space you have. At a minimum, you’ll want a pillow and blanket — the bare essentials to sleep on the floor or a couch. Hopefully, your mattress will have already arrived. If working with us, you can instruct us to prioritize some furniture, including your bed. In which case you may be able to bring your sheets and a comforter as well, depending on the weather.

To conserve space, roll your blankets or sheets into tight cylinders before packing them. You can also use bedding to brace any fragile items your priority box contains. And, unless you sleep in daily clothes, don’t forget a set of pajamas.

Lighting & Small Appliances

If you’re moving into furnished housing, you probably won’t have to worry about lamps and kitchen appliances. Confirm ahead of time what’s available so you can add whatever isn't to your priority box. If you’re a morning coffee drinker, for instance, you don’t want to be stranded without a coffee maker. On the other hand, if your new home or apartment isn’t furnished, bring at least one compact lamp, or even a nightlight, just in case your bedroom doesn’t have overhead lighting. And on the off chance there’s no stove or microwave, have a toaster or portable grill handy if you want to cook at home.

Bath Linens & Toiletries

Most people moving to Gainesville do so in the summer right before the fall semester begins. Unfortunately, humidity is also a concern during this time. You might want to take a shower that first night. You’ll want at least two bath towels, including one for drying off and a second to serve as a bath mat (unless you have an actual mat handy). Make sure to have a shower curtain and rings as well. You’ll also need soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.


It’s hard to relax without some form of entertainment to take your mind off things. Whatever activity brings you joy — reading, streaming movies, listening to music — make sure you have what you’ll need to keep entertained. For most people, all it takes to ensure they have entertainment is a smartphone, from which they can read books, watch Netflix, or listen to Spotify playlists. Just remember to bring your phone charger and connect to the internet, if it’s already installed, to avoid dead batteries and burning through cellular data. If you’re moving to a place where family or friends live nearby, you can also invite them over to pass the time.

Cleaning Supplies

Ultimately, the idea is to relax your first night. However, once the sun rises the next morning, it’s time to finish unpacking. Generally, it’s proper etiquette for people who move to clean their apartments or houses first. Still, not all tenants or homeowners follow that rule. As a result, you’ll want to have cleaning supplies ready just in case you need to wipe the counters and cupboards before you place your belongings there. Also, while professional movers take precautions to leave behind no trace, budget movers may be less considerate and might track in dirt from outside. A broom or vacuum, depending on whether you have hardwood or carpet, will help keep your floors clean.

While a priority box can help you enjoy a much-deserved night of respite, hiring a reputable moving company can also help ensure you’ll be moved in quickly and without difficulties. UF Mover Guys has a reputation for efficiency. We specialize in residential, commercial, and student moving services, and deliver quality results. Contact us today to learn more!

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