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Move Into Your First Apartment Or Home With These Tips

Young couple moving into their first home

Whether you're leaving the home you grew up in or upgrading from a dorm room at the University of Florida, moving into your first apartment or home is an exciting time brimming with new experiences to enjoy and memories to make. But oftentimes, the process of moving to a new residence can seem daunting and overwhelming to first-time movers. If you're moving into your first home or apartment, remember these essential tips for what to do before you move, while moving, and after the move — from selecting a trusted Gainesville moving company to settling into your new living space. Contact UF Mover Guys to help make your first-time move a success!

Before You Move

One of the key factors in keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum before a first-time move is preparation. Planning every aspect of your move ahead of time will ensure that all loose ends are tied and everything on your to-do list is completed by the time moving day rolls around.

Handle The Basics

At least a month before you move, change your address with the post office and open an account — or move your current services — with the regional utility company. Forwarding your mail or changing your address is essential to ensure you receive every letter, parcel, and invoice at the new location. For utilities, most locals setup services, such as electricity, gas, water, and waste, through Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). Many apartment communities offer utilities included in rent. Review your new lease to identify the services you are responsible for activating and paying. 

Other important steps in planning your relocation is selecting your moving day and scheduling services with Gainesville movers. While many first-time movers attempt to move without professional help, hiring a reliable moving company is the best way to ensure the safety of your belongings, efficiency of the move, and minimal stress throughout the moving process.

Downsize Your Belongings

Once all of your pre-move chores are taken care of, it's time to downsize your personal belongings. This means getting rid of unused and unwanted items collecting dust in your current living space. Reducing what you plan to bring with you can reduce the overall cost of the move, require less time for packing and unpacking later on. Getting rid of excess can also provide more space for new items that better accommodate your style or functional needs. To downsize, go from room to room and collect all of the items you don’t want and/or don't need. Consider donating the useable or like-new items to a local non-profit, such as the Alachua County Humane Society.

Pack Strategically

Now that you've pared down the items you won't bring with you, it's time to pack in preparation of moving to your first apartment or home. Pack strategically by consolidating items into boxes based on the rooms they're intended for in the new home or apartment. Differentiate boxes with different colors of tape based on each room or number the boxes with permanent marker and keep a written list of the room to which each number coordinates. Be sure to mark or set aside any boxes or items that you plan on moving by yourself to avoid any confusion on moving day. The more organized you are before the move, the more streamlined both the moving process and unpacking process will be.

Moving Day

On moving day, it's common for those moving into their first apartment or home to feel nervous or anxious, but with all the preparation you did ahead time there's no need to worry. When moving Gainesville residences for the first time, it's important to get a good night's rest the night before and eat a nutritious breakfast ahead of time so that you can get an early start, prepare for the movers to arrive, and remember not to forget anything you'll need.

Get An Early Start

Feeling rested and energized is a great way to start your move. Be sure to wake up early enough to get ready, situate any last-minute items in boxes, and prepare for the movers to arrive. Help keep your move efficient and free of any unexpected issues by reserving parking for the movers to park the moving truck and load your boxes. Also, it’s a good idea to clear the entryways of any obstructions or delicate items that could be damaged during the loading process — remove potted plants, rugs or mats, low-hanging items, and prop the door open. Keep any pets in a safe, enclosed space to avoid accidentally letting them outside while the movers go to and from the different rooms to the moving truck.

Point Out Special Items

Before the movers start loading your items, point out any special items that require delicate handling and transport as well as the items you'll take along with you, to avoid any miscommunication. Take a moment to notify the movers of your strategy for organizing the boxes based on room category. They will be able to load grouped boxes into the truck by order of unloading priority or the new home or apartment layout. After every box is loaded, confirm the new address and time of delivery, and proceed to do a final sweep to make sure nothing important was left behind.

Don't Overlook These Items

With all the activity and excitement of a first-time move, it's easy to forget some important items in the old living space. Keep a list of the easy-to-forget items that you're likely to want right when you move in, and check off each item before you leave. Examples of often-overlooked items during a move includes the following:

Cleaning Supplies

Most apartments and homes are professionally cleaned before the new renters move in, but depending on the amount of time between the cleaning and your move-in date, it's common for dust to accumulate. You'll likely want to have cleaning supplies on-hand before you start unpacking. Pack rags or paper towels; multi-purpose cleaning spray; sponges; dish soap; and a small vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan into a plastic tote for easy cleaning, so you can start unpacking.

First-Day Essentials

Avoid digging through every one of your sealed moving boxes for scattered essentials you'll need on the first day. Keep a tote or suitcase for your first date essentials, which may include a couple clean changes of clothes, toiletries, medication, important documents, and any other important items.

Phone & Computer Chargers

One of the most common items people forget while moving is chargers for their phones and computers. Replacement chargers are often expensive and can be inconvenient to track down and purchase while trying to get situated in a new apartment or home. Keep your phone and computer fully-charged in your new living space by making sure you locate and bring along every charger in the old home. Better yet, keep the chargers in your first-day essentials bag!

After The Move

After every box and item has been unloaded and appropriately situated in the proper room, first-time movers will likely want to unpack every box in every room all at once. But moving companies recommend taking your time while settling into your first apartment or home. Take in the moment, revel in the new experience, and breathe easy knowing that more than half the work of moving is complete. Plus, with your first-day bag, you already have what you need until tomorrow. When tomorrow arrives — or whenever you choose to start settling in — unpack one room at a time based on the priority of items you’ll need in the following days and weeks. Unpacking the bedroom and closet is often the first priority for most people, while decorations and accents fall under a lower priority on the unpacking list. Whatever unpacking strategy you choose, you’ll find that the process of settling in is far more enjoyable and simple than anticipated, thanks to all of the preparation and planning you did ahead of time.

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