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Moving to Gainesville? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Area

One of the first challenges you'll face when moving to a new city is learning about the local area. Between the responsibilities involved with moving and starting a new job or school semester, finding spare time to explore your surroundings can be tough. Fortunately, Gainesville moving company employees are useful resources for learning about your new city! Here's everything you need to know about the area.

What Neighborhoods Are In Gainesville?

Movers in Gainesville attend to jobs in communities all over the city. They learn the names of roads and streets, and they frequently encounter the city’s hidden treasures, from parks and local landmarks to restaurants and stores. But for someone who has just arrived, the first information to learn about the city are its neighborhoods.


Though it’s the smallest neighborhood in the city, Downtown is the central hub of the town. The area attracts the most attention from residents and visitors alike, and it's home to a variety of attractions with local character.

For food and adult beverages, The Top, First Magnitude Brewing Company, and Reggae Shack Cafe are popular with locals. Events worth attending in the area include the Union Street Farmers Market, which is a weekly affair, as well as seasonal art festivals. There are also landmarks in the area, notably the Hippodrome State Theatre, where residents can attend live performances and film showings.

More information about Downtown is available through Visit Gainesville.


Midtown is a popular area where students of the University of Florida congregate. The neighborhood runs westward from Downtown along University Avenue, and it's situated just north of the UF campus. From the vantage point of Midtown, residents can view many of the university's main attractions, including Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, which is home to the Gators football team.

To stay up-to-date with on campus events, students can visit the UF Calendar.

Archer Road   

Archer Road is a street Gainesville moving professionals know well, as it's one of the most prominent thoroughfares in the city. The neighborhood of Archer Road, meanwhile, runs along the southwestern portion of the city, spanning from the UF campus on the east to Tower Road on the west.

Archer Road is a popular destination for families, as it offers both Kanapaha Botanical Gardens and Dogwood Park & Daycare. Though professionals are also attracted to the area because it contains multiple commercial spaces, such as Butler Enterprises, a triumvirate of shopping centers.

Sorority Row

Sorority Row, which borders Archer Road, Midtown, and Downtown, is among the city's most desirable neighborhoods to live. Students appreciate the area because of the proximity to the eastern border of the UF campus. Yet, because the area is close to outdoor attractions, such as Depot Park, which features a playground and hosts family-friendly events, movers routinely assist families in moving to Sorority Row, as well.

More Neighborhoods

Gainesville is also home to a sprawl of residential neighborhoods that extend northward and westward from the center of the city, paralleling Interstate 75 and Highway 24. Northwest Gainesville borders Downtown and Midtown to the south. West Gainesville extends west of the UF campus and includes several nature areas, including Clear Lake Nature Park, as well as a shopping area based around The Oaks Mall. And Tioga & Haile, which is the furthest west, is a large area with a blend of residential and rural qualities.

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