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Repurpose Your Moving Boxes

Other Uses for Moving Boxes

Unpacking all of the possessions that your Gainesville movers dropped off is a big task and will leave you with a massive pile of boxes. However, you do not need to immediately throw them away. Instead, you can consider a few alternatives that will help you get rid of the mountain of boxes without throwing them away.


Cardboard boxes are made to hold objects and transport them for you. Why can they not hold things for you in your new home? Use them to hold Christmas decorations, organize your closet or hold cleaning products. There are almost endless ways you can use them for storage.

Give Them to Friends

If any of your other friends are also moving, give them your Gainesville moving boxes. It will relieve you of finding a way to dispose of them and will save them the struggle of finding boxes themselves.

Let Kids Play with Them

Whether you have kids of your own or have friends or family with kids, give a couple boxes to them to play with. Their imaginations can quickly transform a few cardboard boxes into a castle or a shopping center for their dolls. You will be surprised how entertained they will be.

Useful for Projects

If you enjoy crafts, take advantage of the large amount of cardboard you now have. There are plenty of crafts that require cardboard that you can find online. You can also flatten boxes and use them to protect your flooring if you decide to paint your walls.

Donate Boxes

Look for organizations that you can donate them to. They may use them to help others with craft projects or organizing someone’s house. You can even stop by a child care facility and see if they might be interested in boxes for the children they take care of.

Professional Moving Company in Gainesville, FL

After your Gainesville moving company delivers your possessions to your apartment and you empty them, do not throw you boxes away immediately. Instead, utilize this list to be environmentally friendly and find a new use for them.

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