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Researching Moving Companies

Before you hire a moving company, you need to do your research.  You want to know everything you can about the company.

What does the company have to offer? What will it do for you?

How do you research moving companies?  Here are some tips on what to search for before signing the final contract.

First, you want to identify what you expect from the moving company. Determine what you want before you start looking so you know what you are looking for.

Do you want the moving company to only load your belongings? Or do you want it to pack your entire house?

Are you providing packing supplies? Or do you want the movers to provide them?

Find out if the company you are looking at can provide you with what you want.  Are its services inclusive or individually priced?

Some movers only allow a certain number of boxes or an overall total weight.  Ask the company if it has maximum limits on their products.

Do not be caught off guard by the small clauses in the contracts.  Know everything upfront.

Do a quick search on the company. Read what people are saying.

Check the BBB websites and local directories. Do not skim on this five-minute process. You might be sadly disappointed in your service.

Everyone around you has likely moved at some point in life. Ask them whom they used.

Who would they not use? What they did not like about their company?

Who would they have recommend? Word of mouth is sometimes the most reliable information you can get.

The last thing you want to deal with a moving company that you cannot rely on. Part of being reliable is being licensed.

Make sure the company has the required licensing and registration from your current city and the one you are moving to. Do not risk your stuff getting impounded because the company was not properly licensed.

Lastly, get a quote from multiple companies. Do not rely on one quote or advertisement to make your decision.

Call the companies. Have them come to your house. Get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

If you only have a specific budget for your move, get a worst-case scenario quote. You do not want to end up going over that budget.

Sometimes what you think it will take to move is different than what it actually will take.

Moving companies are experts in this area. Let them tell you what they think and take their advice.

Now that you know how to research moving companies, you can begin shopping. Start with a simple Web browser search query.

As you are researching, be sure to check out Gainesville Moving. Our company is confident we can help you move as smoothly as possible.

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