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5 Things Our Professional Packing Team Can Do For You


You did it. You finally bought your family's dream home. Congrats! You're excited ... and now you have to move. Not so exciting. Don't fret! UF Mover Guys makes the process simple and stress-free. They can dispose of old, unwanted appliances, store your boxes, disassemble hefty furniture, and protectively wrap and label your belongings. Contact UF Mover Guys today to request a free moving quote for moving and packing services in Gainesville, FL!

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Junk Removal

When we pack, we often have to get rid of things as well. Clean out your space with UF Mover Guys. Depending on the object, we can recycle, donate, or dispose of your unwanted items! Our team can help you remove non-hazardous clutter so you can enter your new place feeling clean and organized!

Easy Storage

Don't know yet where you're going to put everything? We've got you covered. We will unload your stuff directly into a convenient storage unit. We can do all the heavy lifting – no pun intended!

Disassemble Furniture

Disassembling large, heavy furniture can become frustrating. That's why UF Mover Guys can help you take apart your beds, bookshelves, trampolines, and swing sets. It's moving made simple!

Safe, Stress-Free Moving

Don't let your beloved, valuable items get damaged. We offer safe, protective moving so that your favorite belongings arrive unscathed. When packing, we will provide you with boxes and closely label each so you know exactly where your stuff is. We also will safeguard your belongings by wrapping your furniture in clear, durable, protective plastic and protecting your artwork and electronics.

Free Estimates

Interested in our professional moving services? Great! Call us today to receive a free estimate. We are able to answer your questions and address your moving concerns, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. We offer our quotes at no obligation to you, so there's no pressure!

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