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Do These 5 Things Before Moving Into A New Place

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Moving into a new place can be both stressful and exciting. With so many things to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Even though a lot of attention usually goes to transporting your possessions, remember to spare some time for the new place as well. To help you ensure everything’s on the checklist, UF Mover Guys shares five must-do things before moving in.

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Change Address

Take care of this sooner rather than later to ensure that all of your mail and packages go to the right location. Also, there may be an adjustment period with your mail carrier, so it’s best to start the process ASAP. In addition to submitting a change of address form to the United States postal service, you should also manually update account information for companies you do business with, such as insurance, bank, credit card, and place of employment. This way, you’ll have all your bases covered and won’t delay or miss any important mail.

Set Up Utilities

This may be an obvious one, but doing it in advance can make the difference between a headache and seamlessly working utilities. Make sure that you’re aware of all the utilities that you’ll be required to set up. If your landlord is covering certain utilities, you shouldn’t have to put them in your name, but always double-check your landlord’s procedures for this. Common utilities include electricity, gas, water, refuse, and trash. Also, be prepared to switch over services such as the internet. It may take a few days before a technician can come out to set everything up, so doing this in advance can save you time.

Get Renter’s Insurance

If you already have renter’s insurance where you currently are, you should only need to switch over the information to your new home. However, if you’re moving out of state or features of your new home vary significantly, this can impact the pricing and availability of renter’s insurance with your current company. When purchasing renter’s insurance, make sure you meet any required criteria set by your landlord, such as the minimum liability amount. Even if your landlord doesn’t require renter’s insurance, it can be extremely helpful in the event of a natural disaster. Just make sure you know what’s covered by your policy. 

Inspect The New Place

While you were probably able to give the new place a once over before signing your lease, it was most likely through the lens of excitement. And, you should be excited to move into your new place. However, you should also give it a thorough once-over before any of your things are moved in. This way, you can document any issues and have them repaired or replaced before moving in. Even if it can’t be fixed or you don’t care if it is, making a note of everything that might be less than perfect will protect you from any replacement or repair fees when you move out.

Give It A Cleaning

Your landlord probably already hired a team to clean the place after the last tenant left, but doing some of the work yourself can give you extra peace of mind, especially when it comes to disinfecting surfaces. Doing a cleaning before the moving truck arrives means you won’t be working around boxes or furniture. Focus on the refrigerator, pantry, kitchen counters, and bathrooms. This is also a perfect time to continue your inspection to ensure that everything is working properly.

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