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Things To Do Before You Move Out

Checklist When Moving Out

Moving is a chore. The best way to tackle all of your “must-do” tasks before moving is just as important as the move itself; this is particularly important for renters. Leaving your old house or apartment in good shape can help ensure the return of your security deposit as well as increase the likelihood that your previous landlord will have good things to say about you should a prospective landlord contact them. Use the following checklist from Gainesville movers with UF Mover Guys to help you remember all the things you need to do before moving out.

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Empty Everything Out

A critical task for any vacating renter is emptying all the contents of the living space. You might think leaving behind an extra bed for the next tenant is a kind gesture. However, your landlord might disagree. And, on top of that, you might be charged for the hassle of getting rid of it. While moving out, your goal should be to leave the place empty. Sort through your belongings and pare them down; donate or sell what you won’t pack up for the move. 

Gather Your Keys

When you moved in, your landlord likely issued you a certain number of keys that unlock the front door, mailbox, and any other areas you were given access to while renting. Upon moving out, be aware that most landlords expect you to return to them all of the keys you were previously given. Be sure you have them all rounded up to return to them. This includes any extra key copies you made and gave to a friend or family member.

Transfer The Utilities

A few weeks before your planned moving day, be sure to contact your utility company or provider to transfer your services (such as Internet, water, and electricity) from your old place to your new home.  This way, you’ll have utilities up and running in your new living space when you get there, and you can avoid paying for services you’re not using. Review your old lease to ensure you don’t cancel utilities before the date stated in the contract. 

Clean, Clean, Clean

Leaving your place squeaky clean can go a long way toward leaving your former landlord happy. Clean out all debris, dust, dirt, and grime from all surfaces, including kitchen appliances, baseboards and window blinds, and all cabinets and shelves. Sweep the porch or patio and clean the windows as well. For the floors, vacuum and mop wooden, tile, and vinyl floors and vacuum and scrub carpeted floors. Move-out cleaning can be a lot of work, but it’s much easier to do once the place is empty. Schedule moving services to help reduce your load!

Patch & Paint

If you hung artwork or framed pictures on the walls of your old apartment, use a little spackle to patch the holes and touch up the original paint if possible. If you’ve lived in the space for some time, it’s likely the landlord intends to repaint once you’re gone. If you’ve changed the color of the walls during your time there, however, check your rental agreement to assess whether or not you must repaint them to the old color.

Document The Results

Once you’ve emptied everything from the living space and the deep cleaning is complete, be sure to document the results of your labors. Take multiple photos of each area of the home, with detailed or close-up photos of each section. Should a dispute arise with your landlord, you can provide this documentation to help prove you left the premises in good condition. In your next place, consider taking photos upon moving in to compare with move-out photos in the future.

Schedule An Inspection

The best way to make completely sure you haven’t missed anything important is to schedule a walk-through of the living space with your landlord. They will let you know anything they are dissatisfied with, and you will likely have a chance to correct any issues. Always ask if there is anything additional required to get your full deposit refunded. Moving can be chaotic, but paying attention to all the little details can help you ensure a smooth relocation.


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