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Tips for Moving Out of State

Moving to another state requires careful planning, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And while many people put most effort in efficiently transporting their belongings to their new home, making a checklist of errands unrelated to packing but still crucial for moving can be equally important. To help you resettle in Florida, we have compiled a list of tips and reminders that are easy to forget but can make moving easier if remembered.

Find Local Resources

Sometimes a different can feel like a foreign country. Before moving, research facts and customary proceedings in your new state. If things relevant to you are done differently there, being aware in advance allows to plan and prepare for a smoother transition. Some things you may want to look up are:

Residency Information

From getting a Florida identification card to learning how to eventually qualify for in-state tuition, read about the requirements to be legally considered a Florida resident and the rights or benefits it can bring.


If you plan to drive in Florida, reach out to the local DMV to find out about courses and tests that may be required and the different ways to complete them, which vary depending on each driver’s age and level of previous experience behind the wheel.


Knowing what to expect from a region’s climate can help movers narrow down the clothes they need to pack or make any adjustments to their vehicles or future home features. If you are moving to Florida, prepare for warm, humid weather throughout most of the year with occasional thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.


Read about major taxes collected in the state and all possible exemptions. Florida’s main taxes are a six-percent sales tax, a corporate income tax and a property tax. Other taxes some Florida residents may incur are for new businesses, non-profit organizations, remote commerce, new hirings or registrations, estate, fuel and pollution.


Depending on interests and priorities, you may want to look up information about local healthcare providers, schools, marriage licenses, jury duty, employment or real estate listings, cost-of-living comparisons, etc.

Report Your Address Change

Don’t forget to notify important parties of your move and update the address on file with USPS, banks, insurance companies, retailers and any organization that ships items to you. For the first few weeks, ask a trusted neighbor or the new tenant at your old home to check on any mail for you that may have still be sent to that address. If you decide to update your phone number to one with a local area code, make sure to inform all contacts of the change. Finally, forward medical records to any new, local healthcare providers.

Sort & Purge

It may be best to leave behind problematic items that may suffer or cause damage during transportation, such as houseplants, in-ground features, large appliances and leftover paint. Consider whether some items may need special packing or extra insurance to be transported. Use up things you don’t want to move, such as cleaning supplies and perishable foods, and don’t shop for them two weeks or closer to the moving date.

Take Measurements

Check room and doorway dimensions in your new home and compare them to measurements of any furniture you wish to move. Make sure to bring only what will fit.  

Begin Packing Early

Packing will be significantly less stressful and tiresome if you don’t leave it all to a day or two. Begin several weeks before your move, packing rarely used items first and leaving essentials for last. Separate valuables, such as jewelry, documents, receipts and electronics. Put them in a safe box and personally transport them on the day of the move. Notify your Gainesville movers about fragile or expensive items so they handle them with care.

Work With a Gainesville Moving Company

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