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Tips For Moving With A Newborn Baby


Millions of Americans move every year, whether down the street or to another city. Moving in itself is ranked among the top stressors in life, second only to divorce. But what about moving with a newborn baby? Moving with a newborn can be tricky, but with the right approach, proper planning, and professional services, it's unquestionably manageable. Here, our Gainesville movers at UF Mover Guys share the top tips for moving with a newborn baby.

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Handle Your Baby's Needs First

When it comes to moving with a child, infants are typically the least affected by the change, so long as they are comfortable, their routines are consistent, and they are relatively undisturbed. The most important part of moving with a baby is maintaining their routine. Babies love and need routines. Don't allow your moving to-do list, packing up, and relocating to get in the way of your and their routines. Instead of frantically packing the day before your move, pack over a longer amount of time, with a little bit packed each day. You can use nap time and your baby's bedtime to get packing done in small, manageable segments. You'll be all packed up before you know it!

Hire Professional Movers

The best way to make your upcoming move a breeze is to hire professional movers you can trust! All new parents who make the decision to relocate go through added stress, time constraints, and stressors associated with their move. That's where UF Mover Guys comes in! We offer personalized, comprehensive moving services designed to fit every need. We offer full-service packing, packing fragile items, loading, unloading, transportation, unpacking, crating, assembly, disassembly, and third-party services. Whether you need us to take care of the move from start to finish, or you just need assistance with one or several aspects of your moving process, we have you covered!

Pack A Baby Essentials Bag

Your baby's essential items are the ones that you will need immediately before your relocation, during the relocation, and in the short term following the move. Your baby essentials, whether contained in a bag, box, or small suitcase, should include all of your needs for at least 3 days. If you are moving a long distance, you will likely need supplies to last for longer. A baby essentials bag will help reduce your stress throughout the move and prevent you from having to dig through boxes to find what you need. Be sure to keep this assortment on hand and with you for easy access when your moving day arrives and over the days following your relocation.

Unpack Your Baby's Space First

You might consider having a trusted family member, friend, or service provide childcare on your move-out and move-in days just to make the process easier. Once your belongings and boxes are moved into your new home, you should set up the baby's room first. Unloading the nursery items first will prepare the room as you need it for the first day and night in your new home with your baby. What's more, depending on your baby's routine, it can help facilitate an ease in the transition without disrupting your baby's sleep, nap times, and feeding times.

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