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5 Tips For Moving With Kids

Tips For Moving With Kids In Gainesville, FL

Moving into a new home is considered one of life’s most stressful events with effects extending to every member of a family. With a long list of to-do’s that accompany an impending move, parents might forget that even young children can struggle with fear and anxiety regarding a relocation. Fortunately, our movers in Gainesville offer advice to help make the process of moving with young children easier. If you’re planning on moving with children, use these tips to simplify your experience and help your kids adjust for a brighter future.

1. Talk About Moving

Moving to a new town can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for a child. Your kids will have to say goodbye to friends, teachers, and familiar surroundings and acclimate to a new school and neighborhood. Even if the move is across town, a new home can be a big adjustment for a small child. So what can you do as their parent to help your child cope with moving anxiety? Talk with them about moving. 

From day one, be upfront with your children about when and why you’re moving. Kids are resilient, but they still need ample time to say their goodbyes in order to lessen the blow of moving. You should also manage their expectations by helping them focus on the possibilities ahead rather than setting expectations that may or may not come true. 

When should all this talking take place? Right away — as soon as you know you’re moving, set a family meeting. Maybe order some pizza, get everyone together, and speak openly. Your kids will appreciate your honesty about moving more than they would figuring out your reasoning for the relocation without assistance.

2. Create A Packing Routine

One challenge of moving with kids is the workload. Packing for yourself and your children basically doubles your labor, but there’s an easy solution with multiple benefits: have your kids help with packing. Letting your kids help with packing minimizes labor and helps them feel like they are a part of the change, which will help them feel less guarded and more open to moving.

It’s smart to downsize before moving by separating items worth keeping from those that can be sold or discarded. Ask your kids to go through their toys and pick out anything they can live without.  If your kids are old enough to write, ask them to label the boxes and contents.

Next, teach them how to pack correctly by loading each box with larger, heavier items and then filling in the spaces with smaller, lighter items. Let them use bubble wrap or packing peanuts as needed, as these materials are fun to play with.

3. Visit Your New Location

If your new location is not too far away, take a break from packing for a day or two and visit the new home. One of the hardest parts about relocating with children is helping them acclimate to a new home or school, but visiting those surroundings ahead of time gives them a head start.

Contact the school they will attend to schedule a walk-through. If you visit during the school year, see if you can arrange a time to introduce them to their new teachers. This way, your kids will know someone at their new school and they can feel confident on their first day. 

Make sure to introduce some levity into the trip, as well. Stop by an amusement park, an ice cream shop, or someplace else fun so the children can create a positive memory they’ll associate with the town. If your new home or apartment is vacant, you should also take them there for a tour so they can pick out their rooms.

4. Project A Positive Image

Kids are impressionable, and their behavior usually reflects what’s going on at home and how their parents are acting. If you’re visibly stressed about moving, your kids may notice the signals and similarly feel anxious. However, if you maintain a positive outlook, your children will be hard-pressed to likewise feel at-ease. 

If you are frustrated about moving, consider delegating the workload to Gainesville movers. While it’s unlikely you’ll find a kids moving company in your area, you can hire professional movers with experience relocating families with children.

5. Be Safe Around Movers

If your children are less than 5 years of age, they’re too young to hover around the movers while they lift heavy furniture and moving boxes. While the movers do their job, one parent should take the kids to the park while the other supervises the movers. If you’re a single parent, ask a relative or your child’s friend’s parents to watch the kids, or have the movers come during the daytime when the kids are in school.

On the subject of kids and moving, moving experts agree that continuity is essential. If your child has a favorite toy or blanket, keep that set aside so they can play with it as you travel to the new home. Having that object in their hands will help your child feel at ease even as they are introduced to a new world.

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