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Tips For Relocating To Gainesville


If you have chosen to relocate to Gainesville, FL, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty and ample activity in this small but booming college town. With a population of about 135,000 residents, Gainesville has a great balance of small-city feel and big-city resources. There is always something fun here, from springs and outdoor recreation activities to renowned college sports! Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville has a large young adult population but is also popular among families and retirees thanks to its safe and affordable suburbs.

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. Using our professional movers in Gainesville is one less thing to worry about. If you need help with your move, contact us for moving services in Gainesville, FL.

Use Professional Movers

Moving is an exciting time filled with new opportunities and possibilities. However, moving day and transporting all your belongings can be a stressful and chaotic task. To streamline this, consider using our experienced and professional Gainesville moving company to make your transition simple and efficient.

Choose The Best Gainesville Neighborhood For You

There are many diverse neighborhoods in Gainesville, each with something unique. The aesthetic, age range, activities, and retail spaces vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. When moving to a new city, choosing a place to live can be difficult. You’ll want to base your decision on your commute, lifestyle, and the type of home or apartment you seek. Below are the neighborhoods in Central Gainesville for you to explore when moving to this beautiful city!

  • Duckpond
  • Sugarfoot
  • Westmoreland
  • Hazel Heights
  • Haile Plantation
  • Suburban Heights
  • University Park
  • Pleasant Street Historic District
  • Highland Court Manor

Have A Reliable Vehicle

Gainesville is a spread-out city with limited public transportation. Access to a reliable vehicle is essential to getting to and from school, work, and other activities. While there are some walkable areas, especially around the main campus of The University Of Florida, most areas of Gainesville will need to be driven to. The Gainesville Regional Transit System provides bus service for the city, but most routes are centrally located to the city’s center and universities, and limited routes to the Gainesville suburbs.

Understand The Weather In Gainesville, FL

If you are moving from outside the state of Florida, it could take some time to adjust to the weather in Gainesville. Summers are hot and humid, with frequent heavy rains. Winters are mild but slightly cooler than most Florida cities. One of the biggest perks of living in North Central Florida is the lack of natural disasters. While severe thunderstorms and lighting are common, Gainesville often does not experience any other severe weather. It is rare for hurricanes to reach inland Gainesville, and when they do, they are typically minor.

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