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Tips on Moving While Pregnant

Sometimes you have to do things during your pregnancy you had not thought you would be doing — like moving.

Anything too physical, strenuous or stressful is not recommended during your pregnancy. But if you have to move, here are precautions you can take to help ensure you and your baby stay safe and healthy during the process.

One way is to hire a professional company. Gainesville Moving can get you moved.

Start packing early.

As soon as you get word about the move, you should start getting ready. Start collecting boxes and gradually packing up — a tiny bit every day.

You may want to enlist friends and family to help, especially if there is anything you need that is too high to reach, or too heavy.

Pack multiples.

Things like silverware, glasses, bedding, dishtowels and even cleaning supplies and other things you have multiples of should be packed early on.

Don’t overdo things.

You may be normally work for hours, but you need to give yourself plenty of rest when you are pregnant. Take breaks often. Sit down and put your feet up to help prevent swelling and puffiness.

Label, label, label.

Labeling is a relatively easy thing to do and will help you avoid any unwanted stress during your pregnancy. When things are clearly labeled, you will not have to worry and exhaust yourself trying to ascertain where everything should go.

Labeling also enables others around you to help you. If toys are in a box, label it toys with your child’s name so he or she know where to put it.

Don’t Move.

Let others do the brunt of the work.  Do not under any circumstances lift heavy items. You can be a big help by handing out water, making labels and directing the movers where to go.

Drink plenty of water.

Be sure to keep hydrated. Getting involved with moving can mean forgetting to slow down long enough to drink and keep hydrated. Keep plenty of bottles of water handy and drink often.


Watching everyone hustle and bustle about may make you want to try and keep up with them. However, you can quickly overdo it and cause harm to you and your baby. Rest often and take things slow.

Remember, you and your baby come first. Don’t try to be the hero by trying to do it all. Call Gainesville Movers to help you.


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