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Tips To Pack Your Office Like A Pro Before Your Commercial Move


Moving your household is a highly stressful endeavor, but moving your business? That can produce an even higher level of stress and anxiety. With so many moving parts, employees, lease terms, furniture, and equipment to worry about, commercial moves are not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, if you stick to the right schedule and ensure you cover all your bases, you can streamline your relocation, making the transition of your office to a new location a breeze. Here, our movers in Gainesville at UF Mover Guys discuss the top tips to help you pack like a pro for your upcoming commercial move.

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Create A Packing Checklist

Any successful commercial move starts with a checklist. Before you pack up your entire office, retail, or other commercial space, a checklist will help you ensure the process goes according to plan and that you know what to take care of, when, and how. With a checklist, you can keep track of each approaching day until you reach moving day. Break down your packing supply needs, what you want to take, what you will leave behind, your move-out and move-in dates, and when you need to accomplish each step in your move. Are you planning on putting certain items in storage or donating them? Are you taking care of the relocation, or will your hire movers? A checklist will help you keep on top of all important details.

Starting Packing Early

Once you have your packing checklist in order, you should get a head start on purging what you don't need, organizing your business' belongings, and packing them appropriately. With all the stress that moving can bring, starting early is a great way to increase productivity and reduce anxiety and stress. How early should you start packing up your office? As soon as you confirm your relocation date for your new office and with your movers. This is also a good time to go through the items in your office and purge the excess, items you don't want or need, and items you'll replace in your new space. Make sure to keep track of what you need for your new workspace as well to avoid any lapses.

Hire Professional Movers

The easiest way to streamline your commercial move is with the help of trusted, professional movers! We've all been in your shoes: feeling anxious and overwhelmed about moving your office and not having enough time between working to accomplish all the tasks on your own. That's where UF Mover Guys comes in! Our local movers have decades of experience with all types and sizes of relocations with special services for commercial needs. Our commercial movers offer the benefit of 24/7 operation for minimal downtime, an office personnel checklist, complete setup at your new office location, and itemized inventory. Our team will work with you and your timeline to ensure all of your equipment, furniture, and other items are safely packed and relocated to your new office.

Organize Your Files

Another way to ensure you stay on top of things in preparation for your move in to eliminate unwanted digital files from your computer. When you move to your new location, the last thing you want is to bring digital clutter along with you! Getting started with an already organized computer with all of your essential files, documents, and passwords where you need them will help make the settling-in process much easier. The only way to avoid added stress from digital clutter is to spend some time going through and organizing your digital files before moving day. Depending on how much you have stored on your computer, this process can take some time, so it's best to get started as soon as possible!

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