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What to Do on Moving Day

Moving day is when all your hard work and persistence pays off. You said goodbye to your old home. You prepare to move into your new one.

Everything comes to a close on moving day. Here are some tips to ensure everything goes as planned.

Moving day is stressful for children and pets. They thrive on a consistent routine and in a consistent setting.

Moving day temporarily interrupts their routine. Moving takes their familiar surroundings from them permanently.

Children and pets pose a distraction for the movers as well. Movers handle equipment that can be heavy or sharp. They need to be mindful of small children and pets running about for safety.

The best approach is to have children and pets out of the way so the movers can focus on moving. Ask family or friends if they can care for them for the day.

Once they are safe, you can place all of your effort on making sure the final details of the last day in your home go without a hitch.

Most movers will make periodic notes about the condition of the items they moved while they pack the truck. Make sure to carefully look at each notation.

Be certain anything that was damaged is marked correctly. Once you sign the contract, you cannot make a case for damaged merchandise.

Before you lock the door for the last time, take a quick look around to ensure everything is gone. Check the attic, shed and every single draw in the house.

Chances are something is sitting in a cabinet or closet or hanging on the wall that you wanted to take with you. You do not want to forget anything.

The phones are all going to be turned off once you leave the house for the last time. Ensure the movers have your cell phone number so they need to reach you if need be.

Problems can arise during the drive from your old house to your new one. Be sure the moving company can easily reach you in the event of a problem.

Your items are all on the truck. You did a final inspection for any items left behind. Now it is time to clean the house.

During the move, packing tape, packing bubbles and all types of trash wind up on the floor. The final walk through will be happening today with the new homeowners.

Make sure the home is clean before they arrive. Vacuum the carpeting, mop the floors and clean the counter tops.

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