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What To Do When The Movers Are Working

The goal of Gainesville Moving is to provide a sense of ease to the client that his or her belongings will be safe when they are being moved.

If you are someone who feels uncomfortable doing nothing when everyone around you is doing something, however, you might feel uneasy using a moving company.

Our company does not want to discourage you from using our services. We want you to feel comfortable, which is why we offer suggestions for what to do while we help you move.

Movers need to be able to move in and out of the house quickly and frequently. We ask the house be clear of people and things so we can work productively without distractions.

Specifically, children and pets should be kept at a distance if possible during a move. A good idea is to play with them in the backyard while the movers are in the house.

In past moves, some people have had small parties and picnics outside. Generally, we prefer the number of people be kept at a minimum.

As long as you are a safe distance from the movers though, nothing is wrong with having a small group over.

In fact, inviting friends and relatives can help alleviate the stress on an otherwise stressful day. Depending on how far you are moving, you should relish these moments with your loved ones.

Friends and family can also serve a practical purpose. They can help you with any last minute cleaning or errands you need to do.

These types of chores can be done if they do not interfere with the mover. Wait until various rooms have been emptied to clean or paint if need be.

If no one is available to come over, consider sitting on your terrace and catching up on any phone calls you need to make. This time is an excellent time to touch base with loved ones you have not talked to in a long time.

Your close friends and family will likely want to hear how your move is going as well. After all, moving is often an incredibly influential part of one’s life.

Do not forget the dreaded phone calls to your landlord, bank and billing companies. Your friends and family might be busy during your move, especially if it is during the workweek.

Instead of waiting on the movers, utilize this time to work on your bills and other paperwork that you need to get out of the way.

Lastly, ask the movers if they need help if you can physically handle it. They will appreciate it, and helping could speed up the move.

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