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Why Downsizing Is Good

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Downsizing before moving may seem like a bittersweet process. Maybe your kids are all out of the house, and you no longer need the extra bedroom furniture. Or, perhaps you plan to get new décor, and it’s time to say goodbye to those outdated pieces of furniture. In any case, here at UF Mover Guys, we believe in the power of downsizing and decluttering one’s home. Here are a few of the many reasons you should consider letting go of your unused possessions before moving.

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Downsizing Saves You Time

Ask any of our professional movers, and they’ll tell you that packing big houses can be a lot of work. Between time spent organizing, packing, and labeling things around the house, you may not even have enough time to plan how your new place is going to look. Consider getting rid of any unused items or upgrading your existing appliances and furniture. Doing so can save you time and money when it’s time to pack the moving van. Having fewer things also means less clutter, less cleaning, and less maintenance at your new place. In general, downsizing gives you more free time to focus on planning, setting up, and enjoying your new home.

Downsizing Saves You Money

Have any unused items that still work just fine? Sell or donate them. Local pawn shops and popular reselling apps are a great way to make some extra cash while downsizing. Donating is also a great alternative. Although you likely won’t be making much money this way, you’d be potentially helping those in need and bringing all those positive vibes with you to your new home. In some instances, you could claim a tax break for big item donations, such as furniture. Just remember to inspect these items thoroughly before selling and avoid donating any broken or damaged items. If you still have some unwanted things leftover after selling and donating, dispose of them responsibly and safely — schedule junk removal services with UF Mover Guys.

Focus On The Essentials

Nowadays, it’s easy to give material things for granted, especially those handed down to us from friends and family. However, downsizing offers you an opportunity to go over everything you own and ask yourself how valuable each item really is to you. We’re not arguing in favor of a completely minimalist lifestyle here, but focusing on the essentials can have a drastic impact on your everyday life. If you know you use some things more than others, you may be more inclined to take better care or spend more money to upgrade them. On the other hand, if there’s something that you wish to keep but can’t bring with, you can always find affordable storage options to keep your belongings safe — just don’t overdo it.

Downsizing and moving can feel overwhelming at times, which is why UF Mover Guys offers professional moving services to ensure your items remain safe on their way to your new home or business. Contact us today to schedule residential or commercial moving services.

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