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Winter Moving

Most people prefer moving during a warm season. However, movers should know the unique set of benefits of moving in the winter.

Fewer people move in winter than in spring or summer. Therefore, professional movers are less busy and have more availability to accommodate your schedule.

Because business is slow, some moving companies may lower their rates during the season.

Nonetheless, moving in the winter comes with challenges.

Gainesville Moving can help you avoid most problems.  The following tips can ensure your move goes smoothly.

Watch for slip-and-fall accidents.

On the day before the move, clear ice and spread sand, gravel or kitty litter on icy sidewalks and driveways.

Protect your floors.

Cold and wet weather can leave shoes dirty.  Use carpet covers, drop cloths or blankets to prevent damage and expensive cleanup.

Keep boxes dry.

Do not set your boxes on wet ground. The moisture will weaken the bottom of the box. Your belongings can fall out.

Provide snacks and hot drinks.

The movers will appreciate it.  Avoid messy snacks. Stick to crackers, cookies, and veggies and fruit trays.  Coffee, tea and hot chocolate are great drinks for a cold day and will keep everyone warm.

Get insurance.

Accidents happen on occasion and are more likely when the weather is bad.  Ask your movers about the insurance options they provide.

Most companies provide released-value insurance. This type of insurance covers a portion of the value of an item. Look for full-value protection, or consider purchasing third-party insurance.

Prevent tape breakage.

Packing tape loses sticking strength in cold weather. Tape boxes in alternating directions to add support and prevent your things from falling out.

Wear gloves.

Cold temperatures affect grip strength. Ask someone to help you with heavy and delicate items.

Turn on utilities in your new home.

You want your home to be warm while you move in. Check that the lights are working if you move in the evening.

Prepare your car.

Service your car. Ensure fluids are full. Fill your tires with air.  Bring an emergency blanket, a gas can, jumper cables and a tow rope.

Plan in case your vehicle breaks down. Have emergency numbers for roadside assistance or local and highway police programmed into your phone.

Tell someone you know about the move.

Let a friend or a family member know your travel plans. You want someone to know where you were headed and at what time you are expected to arrive if you get stranded somewhere.

Gainesville Moving has the experience you need for residential and commercial moves during the winter season. Our professionals can ensure a safe trip for you, your family and your belongings.

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