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Life Hacks for Moving & Packing

Moving can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with these life hacks from movers in Gainesville. A life hack is a clever and efficient technique for performing an otherwise time-consuming chore. So, the next time you encounter a moving task that seems backbreaking, stressful, or wasteful, consider whether there’s a hack for that.  

Downsize Before Moving

Packing is perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of moving. But the easiest way to reduce the stress of packing is to reduce the workload by downsizing. Go through your belongings and separate which items you can live without, like clothes and shoes in the closet that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. The less you have, the less you pack.

Pack From Big To Small

Professional movers are trained to utilize proper techniques for packing. When you pack boxes, there is one underlying concept to bear in mind, which is to go from big to small while inserting items. Piling items into a moving box almost assure that items will shift in transit and, in the process, become squished or damaged. So, insert large items into moving boxes first, and then fill the remaining spaces with small items. The objective is to ensure everything in the box is packed tightly for safe transport. Furthermore, once the boxes are all packed, the “big to small” approach works just as well for loading the moving truck.

Utilize Towels & Socks

Even though moving company employees won’t use towels and socks as moving supplies, in a pinch, these could come in handy in a multitude of ways. Moving boxes should always be packed full to ensure safe transport, but when a box is only partially full and already heavy, putting towels on top of the items in the box fills the empty space and solves the problem. In the absence of bubble wrap, meanwhile, towels can be wrapped over fragile items, such as ceramic dishes and bowls, for extra protection. And in cases where towels are too bulky to wrap around an object, clean socks work well for padding.

Reuse Objects

Since Gainesville has a community-wide sense of environmentalism, moving professionals are often asked how people can reduce waste during a move. More often than not, the answer is reusing objects.

Home Goods

Place knick-knacks inside of shoes before packing your footwear to eliminate the use of plastic bags. And to reduce the number of boxes you use in the kitchen, place smaller items inside of pots with lids. For the rest of the house, pack items into suitcases before resorting to using boxes — in fact, suitcases with wheels are the perfect vessel for items too heavy to carry.

Discarded Items

There are also ways to reuse discarded items during a move. Empty egg cartons are gentle enough to transport your jewelry and valuables without damage, just so long as you remember to tape the carton firmly shut. Meanwhile, those toilet paper rolls in the recyclables container make ideal containers for rolled up cords and chargers for your devices.

Hire Professional Movers In Gainesville

At UF Mover Guys, we know every moving hack around, but on the job our movers use only professional techniques. Every member of our moving team is trained in every element of moving work, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading. We perform residential, commercial, and student moves of short or long distances. But what really demonstrates our effectiveness as movers are the positive online reviews clients leave for our moving company. Contact us today to schedule moving services!

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